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Welcome to Etna3340 blog, here you will find all news about Etna and Sicily, about events, excursions and places to visit in Sicily, enriched by all the useful information concerning the volcanic activity of Mount Etna. There are many things to do when you explore a new place. The hardest? Know where to start! Visiting Sicily and climbing to its tallest mountain like Mount Etna who's the biggest active volcano in Europe, is both a real challenge and an unforgettable experience. In order to help you plan correctly your journey in Sicily, we posts news and advices helping you getting ready for uniques adventures around Sicily's best places and activities.

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Vulcano Stromboli

Stromboli volcano

Volcano Stromboli has a persistent explosive activity and is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It has an altitude of 926 meters and reaches a depth between 1300 m and 2400 m below sea level.

Sicily, from Etna to Palermo

Sicily is an open theater! Colorful actors, sublime sets ... From Palermo the beautiful to volcanic Catania, Carolina de Salvo takes us to discover an amazing Sicily. The one who lives in the shadow of the volcano. On the island, Etna is more than a symbol.
Monter l'Etna

Live the unique experience of Etna

For all the adventurers in search of new sensations, Etna is the place to be. How to climb on Etna? What does it feel to hike on the volcano? with our article, we will give you all details on the experience of the Mount Etna.
Visite Etna3340 Q

How to visit Etna ?

You dream about a hike, on the summit of the highest volcano of Europe? Try a unique experience at the heart of Sicily. With this blog post we want to show you the typical and unique visit of the Mount Etna.
Quoi voir en Sicile

Excursions in Sicily

Sicily is full of cultural and historical sites that have marked its history. The tumultuous past of the famous Italian island has been punctuated by the passage of Spanish, Arabic, Norman and Angevins cultures. You want to go on an excursion in Sicily?
bateau iles éoliennes

Visit Aeolian islands

You are looking for your next holiday destination? A special place where the landscape is extremely diversed and the sea is clear as the bahamas ? Aeolian Islands is an ideal destination.