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Sicily is full of cultural and historical sites that have marked its history. The tumultuous past of the famous Italian island has been punctuated by the passage of Spanish, Arabic, Norman and Angevins cultures. You want to go on an excursion in Sicily? Prepare your stay by discovering a wide range of walks to visit Sicily. Follow the guide !

Visiting Catania

Imagine, you walk through the cobbled streets of the city of Catania on a sunny day, while enjoying the famous ricotta cannoli, discovering a baroque architecture unique in the world, and the imposing Mount Etna as a backdrop. Here is a dream walk to visit Catania. The famous Sicilian city, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, abounds in architectural treasures and presents itself as the capital of the exuberance of late Baroque art. While visiting Catania, you will discover its history, marked by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions of Etna. The city was rebuilt after the terrible earthquakes of 1693, but you can walk among the lava blocks of the Via Etnea. This is an excursion to the heart of the eruptive history of Catania, where you can admire, among others, Liotru, the lava stone elephant. At the bend of Duomo square and its imposing cathedral or via Crociferi and its baroque architecture, taste a refreshing granita, speciality of ice crushed in syrup, typical of the region. If you are planning to visit Mount Etna, also take the time to visit its neighbouring towns! For a complete excursion to Catania, be accompanied by a guide who will allow you to discover all the richness of the city.

Little Aeolian Island Cruises

Want to visit Sicily away from the tourist crowd? Do not miss the visit of the Aeolian Islands, a boat trip off Sicily that will make you discover the most beautiful coasts of southern Italy. On board, you can enjoy a unique setting to observe the impressive Stromboli, swim in the azure blue waters of the prehistoric Cala Junco cove near Panarea, dive into the fumaroles of the seabed that border the Lisca Bianca Islands, visit the caves of the Lipari and Vulcano Islands, and much more. Etna 3340, will take you sailing for 8 days, to allow you to discover the luxuriant beauty of Sicily in its entirety.

Taormina Excursion

Surrender to the charm of an Italian-style medieval town with an excursion to Taormina ! The city can be visited in a few hours, and is one of the essential destinations of any trip in Sicily. You will have the opportunity to stroll along the Corso Umberto, a typical Sicilian street that connects the cities of Messina and Catania. You will explore the city's colourful arteries and discover its abundant medieval architecture. The highlight of the visit: the incredible Palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano, an elegant building of Gothic architecture built in the 12th century. The latter is recognized as a true masterpiece of architecture with Arab and Norman influences. This is an excursion not to be missed, which will give you the most beautiful expression of Sicilian culture, ideal for short stays.

Visiting Syracuse

History and colourful landscapes lovers, don't miss Syracuse ! The archaeological park of Neapolis will fill you, thanks to its vestiges of Greek and Roman cultures. The latter is full of ruins and archaeological treasures, the history of which can only be told to you by a passionate and expert guide: the sanctuary of Apollo, the Greek and Roman amphitheatres, the altar of Heron II, and much more! This excursion to Syracuse cannot be complete without a visit to the historic centre of the Ortigia peninsula. You will discover the wonders of Ancient Greek culture, combined with Baroque architecture, in a monochrome mix of breathtaking warm colours. This timeless stroll through the labyrinth of alleys in the centre of the peninsula will take you to the edge of turquoise water, with its unique beauty. Take advantage of your trip to Syracuse to admire the Baroque architecture of the city of Noto and the immense marshes of the "Oasi Faunistica di Vendicari" nature reserve. You can observe a luxuriant fauna : herons, egrets, storks or even pink flamingos. For a complete and successful stay, call on our excursion services in Sicily! Etna 3340 offers all types of packages allowing you to discover the most beautiful landscapes and the most sumptuous cities of all Sicily.

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