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You dream about a hike, on the summit of the highest volcano of Europe? Try a unique experience at the heart of Sicily. With this blog post we want to show you the typical and unique visit of the Mount Etna. Starting from the South Side until you get to a beautiful lunar landscape at the summit of the volcano, this is a real opportunity to discover the most beautiful natural excursion in south Italie. We will give you all informations to organise your trekking trip to the ascent of Etna.

A Typical Etna Excursion

You start your trip with our Volcanologist guide who will accompaigns throughout your excursions and will tell you the explosive and fascinante story of the famous volcano. You will travel aboard a Jeep to reach the cable car that will take you to the first plateau of Etna.

Before your arrival, you walk on a ground made by volcanic sand and already feel the heat of volcano, the landscape is unique. Your guide then makes you cross the first volcanic path, in the heart of two wide craters of Etna.

At the end of the morning, you will be able to lunch near the volcano. During the winter season, you will taste the Sicilian specialities in a restaurant situated to the base of the volcano. In summer, you can picnic outdoors, in front of an incredible panorama: the landscape darkened by the summit of the volcano on one side, and the Sicilian coast on the other.

In the afternoon, it's time to enter the heart of the volcano. The walk makes you go as closely as possible to the lava. The climb includes several stages through the most recent lava flow. Once arrived at 3000 meters of height, you have the opportunity to approach the summit crater of Etna. At this stage of the visit, the highest of the volcano required a really physical effort to climb to the Etna Summit. But you will be rewarded by a wonderful and exclusive panorama.

It is time, then, to begin the descent. You cross paths made of black volcanic ash. The disorientation is absolute. Key moment of the hike: the descent inside a lava tube. You will have the sensation to be quite small, in front of this outstanding natural phenomenon.

The visit is not the end, Sicily will give you so much more sensations.



Details of Etna Trekking

The visit of Etna is like a sport event. The ascent is difficult and dangerous, because the volcanic area is always active. The visit last about 7 hours, intensive rhythm. This excursion is reserved to people without medical contraindications, and it is forbidden for people under 16.

But there are different excursions less dangerous and physicals. These alternatives excursions trekking are accessible to all travelers who can benefit of Etna moonscapes without much efforts.

Which equipment is necessary to climb on Etna?

The sport equipment is necessary. It is important to plan the accessories of trekking adapted in the conditions of the visit. Etna3340 offers you all of equipment necessary for the ascent during your visit.

At the highest point reachable during the visit, you will attend a height of about 3300 meters. It is fundamental to equip yourself with sun glasses. Because at this height, UV radiation is dangerous for your eyes.

Also, think about equipping yourself with a scarf or anything else to protect you from volcanic smokes. It will be useful for you to cover your mouth, and avoid breathing these volcanic gases for too long.

In conclusion, this experience will be unforgettable for all the people who want to try a unique adventure and cross their limits.

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25 September 2018

The best time to visit Sicily is from May to June or September to October. Summer high temperatures will make hiking Mount Etna much harder than usual. Whatever season and excursion in Sicily you choose, Etna is an amazing natural wonder offering a great variety of emotions.

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