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Special sunrise excursion Etna etna3340
Special sunrise excursion Etna etna3340

Excursion partly at night to see the lava

A journey through time and space, we progressively move from a centenarian forest to the recently formed volcanic desert.

The magic of leaving at night (about 2 hours before sunrise), walking on the starry sky, seeing the sun rise from the sea that illuminates the summit of Etna ... a beautiful experience without anyone around.

  • Free excursion for children up to 12 years (excluding package with overnight stay at the Citelli Refuge and with pickup / return to the hotel).
  • Group of maximum 8 pax.
  • Departure at night with the starry sky (about 2 hours before sunrise).
  • View of the sunrise over the sea and Mount Etna at the "golden hour".
  • Visit one of the most beautiful lava galleries of Etna.
  • Excursion to see the Valle del Bove.
  • You will see the summit craters of Etna and the recent lava flows.
  • Excursion to the craters of the 1928 eruption.

Come along the most beautiful part of the "Etna Trail" of the Maxi Race circuit

If you want to get out of the usual hiking trails, being a nature lover, you will certainly have less fun than discovering the Etna volcano from a cable car or a 4x4 vehicle. You will enter a lava tunnel, walk along the ridge of the Valle del Bove and see the summit craters up close, away from the "hordes of thrill seekers and selfie hungry tourists".

We leave at night with the starry sky to see the sunrise over the Ionian Sea, see the volcano at its best and make the most of the landscapes at the time of the "golden hour". Your guide knows that starting a trek 2 hours before sunrise may seem difficult on your vacation, but this small sacrifice allows you to fully enjoy the hike without suffering the stifling heat and seeing the sun rise from the sea.

Currently the area of ​​the summit craters of Etna is off limits, by order of civil protection, due to the risk of eruption. The limit of the excursions is currently 2850 meters above sea level. The geodynamic situation is changing day by day depending on the rapid, unpredictable and random activity of the Etna volcano. Furthermore, the restrictions relating to the areas authorized for excursions change often (even during the day).

Considering the current altitude limits allowed for volcano tours, this excursion on the north side is the best choice for visiting Etna and the best alternative to climbing the summit. The excursion includes excursions in the volcanic desert area, crossing of woods, lava tunnels, ancient lava flows and craters accompanied by the English-speaking guide of Etna3340. It starts from 1741 meters above sea level to reach a maximum of 2850 meters, while the total distance on foot is about 15 km (descent on volcanic sands). The difficulty of the route, the kilometers traveled, the travel speed, the difference in height, the maximum altitude and the route will be decided by the guide during the excursion.


The difference between the southern and northern slopes of Etna: https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/683293387

On the south side you can climb a little higher, but you will see less and you will be in a crowd. This excursion, intended for a sporting public, is currently the best choice to visit Etna (and climb as high as possible).

This unique and authentic excursion is ideal for sportsmen who prefer to undertake an excursion away from the crowded tourist flows, immersed in nature, to admire the beauty of the volcano and live an unforgettable experience.


The particularly spectacular nature of this route justifies the choice of the Serracozzo route for the international Trail races of the Maxi Race circuit.

On the north side of Etna the "Serracozzo" path is one of the most fascinating paths of one of the most active volcanoes in Europe. This route is used by Trail races. This excursion can arrive (when the volcanic activity and the weather allow it) to Pizzi Deneri, 2847 meters above sea level, to get closer to the imposing summit craters and arrive at the foot of the north-east crater (former peak of Etna) and near the south-east crater (currently the highest).


Exact tour times vary depending on the season.

During the group excursion formula (max 10 participants), it is necessary to adapt your pace to that of less trained hikers. With the private excursion formula the guide takes care only of you and you can adapt pace, times and itinerary to your sporting skills.


Walk on the crest of the Valle del Bove, visit of the lava tunnel of Serracozzo

The path that climbs along the ridge of the Serra delle Concazze up to the Serracozzo viewpoint is very interesting because it allows you to cross a very rare birch forest at these latitudes and to visit a truly fascinating lava tunnel. In addition, you can admire, with the English-speaking guide of Etna3340, a magnificent view of the Valle del Bove, a large horseshoe-shaped depression of about 6 kilometers in diameter.


Serracozzo lava tunnel, Etna eruption in 1971

The Serracozzo lava tunnel is the most beautiful gallery produced by the volcano's lava due to its particular structure and the effects produced inside by the beams of light that illuminate it from the top of the vault. It is located on the north-east side of Etna, about 1900 meters above sea level.


The itinerary of the special sunrise excursion on Etna

The climb is steep, on a path nestled among the magnificent Aetnensis birches that can survive at more than 2000 meters of altitude. After a difference in height of about 300 meters, the Valle del Bove opens up in front of you. A peculiarity of this path is to be able to walk for several hundred meters on the edge of the Valle del Bove, towards Pizzi Deneri and the south-east crater. We leave this beautiful landscape and begin the descent until we meet the craters of 1928 on a ravine of volcanic ash that we will have to follow almost to the end, before returning to the path that leads to the esplanade in front of the Citelli Refuge.


Information for the excursion on Etna at dawn

We will update you via email about 24 hours before the excursion to evaluate the weather / geodynamic situation of Etna. Material provided free of charge. Helmet, flashlight, sticks, backpack and k-way. To participate in excursions on Etna, mountain boots are required. If you don't have them, you have to take them or rent them. The price for the rental of trekking shoes is 5€ per pair with Etna3340. Tell me your sizes (women and men) no later than 24 hours before the excursion.

Your guide will bring you your shoes on the day of the excursion. Equipment required but not included. Mid-calf gaiters or socks (to limit volcanic sand in shoes). Trekking pants, jersey / fleece, warm waterproof windbreaker jacket with hood, gloves, hat, cap to protect your head from the sun, sunscreen, sunglasses. Plan a picnic and water in advance (1.5 liters per person).

  • Sport version: 15km. 1200 m altitude difference + -. From 1700 m to 2850 m altitude. 5 hours of ascent (including stops and a visit to the lava tunnel). 2 hours of descent (without stops).
  • Easy version: 8km. 700 m altitude difference + -. From 1700 m to 2400 m altitude. 3 hour climb (including stops and a visit to the lava tunnel). 1 hours of descent (without stops).
  • Lava tunnel of 100 m: about 30 minutes of visit. Difficulty: easy.


The choice of version (sport or easy) depends on the sporting level of the participants.

In the group excursion, you have to adjust to the slowest person. Consequently, the achievement of the maximum altitude and maximum km described is not guaranteed.

In the private excursion, with the guide dedicated only to you, you can adapt the pace and walking time to your sporting abilities.

  • The Citelli refuge has free parking and is located at the beginning of the excursion.
  • It was renovated in 2012 and has 4 single rooms for 2 to 4 people (for a total of 13 seats), a dining room for 35 people and a small bar.
  • The rooms always have clean sheets and blankets, it is not necessary to bring sheets and sleeping bags.
  • In the corridor, in front of the bedrooms, the four bathrooms are shared among the guests: 2 for women and 2 for men, both with always hot showers.



Our formulas
FREEchildren -12 years
Appointment at the Citelli
100€per adult +12
Appointment at the Citelli
200€60€ children -12
230€per person