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Etna Helicopter Tour 1
Etna Helicopter Tour 1

Look closely inside the summit craters

Take off from the highest heliport on the volcano and explore the interior of Etna’s summit craters, the lateral craters, the recent lava flows, and the Valle del Bove.

For an optimal panoramic view of Etna’s summit, our fleet offers helicopters with 5 to 7 seats. During the helicopter flight over Etna, we use an AS350 or an EC130.

Thanks to our high-performance helicopters you will benefit from a faster and more comfortable flight compared to other agencies offering flights with smaller and slower helicopters, taking off from further away and at a lower altitude.

  • Complete helicopter tour of Mount Etna up to the summit for a full panoramic view of the volcano.
  • View of the summit craters, side craters to discover the different geological aspects of Etna.
  • View of recent lava flows for a unique geological experience.
  • View of Valle del Bove to discover the unique landscapes around the volcano.

What does the Etna helicopter flight with Etna3340 offer differently compared to other travel agencies?

  • Expert pilots with decades of experience.
  • The helicopter takes off from the highest heliport on the volcano.
  • We reach the summit of Etna faster than others.
  • A legally certified heliport.
  • The possibility of having a volcanology guide on board for explanations.


Discover the splendor of Mount Etna by helicopter

Experience the magnificence of Mount Etna by helicopter with our exclusive tour. With our AS350 or EC130 helicopters, you can safely and comfortably admire Etna’s summit craters.

We can accommodate up to 7 passengers, with 1 or 3 front seats for a panoramic view. Each passenger will have a headset to listen to the pilot or guide’s commentary.

Our Etna helicopter tour is the ultimate experience to admire the contrasts between the black rock, Sicily’s clear blue sky, and the Ionian Sea.

You can behold the four large active craters, always smoking, at the summit of Etna, as well as other lesser-known craters at lower altitudes.

Etna is dotted with hundreds of eruptive vents, witnesses to its complex geodynamic activity. You can admire the plumes of smoke and spectacular lava flows, evidence of the volcano’s ongoing activity.

This tour will also allow you to better understand the impact of Etna on the Sicilian territory.

If weather conditions are unfavorable and it is not possible to reach or see the summit area of Etna, the flight plan will be modified, and you will see: Taormina, Castelmola, Isola Bella (Naxos), Castiglione di Sicilia Castle, Alcantara Gorges, and Calatabiano Castle.


Description of the helicopter flight circuit over the volcano in Sicily

Visit Mount Etna by helicopter with our exclusive tour. Take off from our private heliport and enjoy a panoramic view of Etna’s summit craters, the 2002-2003 lava flow, the ancient craters, coniferous forests, and old lava flows.

Also admire the Piano Provenzana north ski resort and the view of the “bottoniera” craters. Reach an altitude of 3,500 meters for a view of Sicily, the Aeolian Islands, and the tip of Italy’s boot, Calabria.

Descend along the wild slope of Etna to reach the south ski resort and the Sapienza refuge. Enjoy a unique view of the city of Catania, as well as the Silvestri craters and the recent lava flows.

Book now to experience this unique adventure safely and comfortably with our AS350 or EC130 helicopter. The flight is available all year round, for a duration of 20 or 30 minutes.

Book quickly to secure your spot. The Etna helicopter flight is available from a heliport near Catania and Taormina. The helicopter flight itinerary is designed for a safe visit, allowing you to see the summit of the volcano and the most beautiful places of Etna.

There is the possibility to fly over the Aeolian Islands by helicopter in addition to Etna, with a 90-minute flight at a rate of €3,700.


Helicopter flight over the summit of Mount Etna

Arrival of passengers at our private heliport and briefing with the pilot. After take-off, the flight will continue towards the north side of Mount Etna.

As you climb in altitude, you can admire the lava flow that destroyed the north ski resort in 2002-2003 (Piano Provenzana), the ancient craters, a coniferous forest, and the old lava flows that almost touch the villages of Etna.

Heading further towards the summit of Mount Etna, you will fly over the Piano Provenzana north ski resort, with a unique view of the flows that formed the series of craters called “la bottoniera.”

Here the vegetation stops, and the “sciara” takes over, leading you to the majestic view of the summit craters of Mount Etna. We are at about 3,500 meters of altitude to see the summit craters of Etna well; the view from here sweeps over Sicily, the Aeolian Islands, and Calabria.

We will start the descent along the wildest side of the volcano to reach the south ski resort and the Sapienza refuge. From there, you will enjoy a unique view of the city of Catania and the gulf.

Continuing east, we will fly over the ancient Silvestri craters and pass through the immense Valle del Bove. We will admire the lava flows from 1991-1993 that destroyed houses north of the city of Zafferana Etnea.

One last look at the coast that connects Catania to Taormina, the vineyards, and lush crops, and we will return and land at the heliport.

The helicopter departure to see Mount Etna can be made, for the best visibility, from sunrise to dusk, with the flight lasting 20 or 30 minutes. This formula has become a real success and is in high demand by helicopter flight enthusiasts.

When to book, how long in advance? To make sure you have a spot, it is best to book quickly.


Highlights of the Etna helicopter flight

The departure is from a certified airfield, easily and quickly accessible from Catania and Taormina. The flight includes a complete tour of Mount Etna by helicopter, passing close to the summit craters.

The pilot will choose the most suitable route for a safe flight and to allow you to see the most beautiful places of Mount Etna, the interior of the summit craters, and, if present, also the active lava flow.

During the Etna helicopter tour, you will be able to admire the beautiful western slope and the famous Valle del Bove, which runs along the eastern slope in the heart of the Etna Park.

The Etna helicopter flight is available all year round. If you also want to visit the Aeolian Islands in addition to Mount Etna, the flight will be 90 minutes, and the rate is €3,700 (departing from our Castiglione di Sicilia heliport).

Our helicopter for the Etna flight Remember to bring a jacket, as it can get cold at high altitude (only in winter), and chewing gum to compensate for the change in altitude and keep your ears open.

The helicopter can comfortably carry a maximum of 7 passengers on Etna. Each passenger is equipped with a headset to talk to the pilot.

The flight can be affected by weather conditions and volcanic activity. These natural events can change the flight plan. I am at your disposal for any further information, even by phone.


Private transfer service in Sicily

Our private transfer service in Sicily is the ideal choice for transfers to/from airports and heliports in Italy. Request a quote and enjoy our guaranteed efficiency, punctuality, and courtesy.

We offer transfer services by helicopter or luxury vehicles equipped with all comforts and driven by expert pilots and chauffeurs for short or long journeys.

You will be our favorite guest and we will strive to meet all your transfer requests throughout Italy. Book now for a VIP travel experience in Sicily.


FAQ section on helicopter tours of Mount Etna

Where does the Mount Etna helicopter tour depart from? Answer: Etna3340 helicopters depart from the highest heliport on Mount Etna in Castiglione di Sicilia, at an altitude of 700 meters.

What type of helicopter is used for the Mount Etna tour? Answer: The helicopter model used for the flight to Mount Etna is the Eurocopter EC130 or the Aérospatiale AS350 Écureuil.

Why choose the Etna3340 helicopter tour to visit Mount Etna? Answer: Choosing our helicopters for your tour of Mount Etna will allow you to enjoy a faster and more comfortable flight than other agencies offering tours using smaller and slower helicopters.

What can I discover during my flight above Mount Etna? Answer: During your flight above Mount Etna, you can discover the summit crater, the lateral craters, the recent lava flows, and the inside of the Valle del Bove.

Will the flight be canceled due to weather or volcanic activity? Answer: Yes, flights can be affected by weather conditions and volcanic activity. The pilot will choose the best route accordingly, and we will contact you the day before the flight to check the weather and geodynamic conditions on the volcano.

  • Flight duration of 20 to 90 minutes for a complete panoramic view inside the active craters at the summit of Mount Etna.
  • Maximum altitude of 3500 meters for a breathtaking view of the volcano.
  • We recommend requesting a volcanology guide on board to better understand the environment you see from the helicopter, for an additional cost of 150€ in total.
  • Upon request, we can directly book a hotel near our heliport and arrange your transfers to and from the hotel using a luxury VTC vehicle (Mercedes GL or V-Class) with a dedicated driver.
  • We recommend flying early in the morning for better visibility or in the afternoon about 2 hours before sunset.



Our formulas
300€20 minutes
per person
1100€20 minutes
1300€30 minutes
1700€35 minutes
3700€90 minutes