Etna tour by helicopter

Etna3340 offers a helicopter tour of Mount Etna, for a unique experience in a breathtaking context. The helicopter flight over Mount Etna honors one of the great natural treasures of Sicily. Book your flight with Etna3340 while traveling in Sicily.

Flight tour of Mount Etna

The Etna helicopter tour is a great experience that honours one of the major natural treasures of Sicily. If you are looking for a unique experience to live in your trip to Sicily, flying over the active craters at the summit of Mount Etna will surely meet your desires. Its lunar landscapes and fiery craters admired from the sky will offers a unique sightseeing experience.

The activity of volcano Etna is almost incessant, with hight plumes of smoke and dramatic lava flows which slowly fashions the great mountain. Such activity creates amazing contrasts between the black rock, the light blue of the Sicilian sky and the deep blue of the Ionian sea, come with us for a great flight tour of Mount Etna.



Helicopter Etna tour

This flight over Mount Etna starts from a certified aerodrome nearby Taormina, and it last around 30 min. The structure of the volcano consists of an irregular base, covers an area of about 1600 km2, formed by lava flows and scoria deposits of the most ancient eruptions and a steep summit cone, called "Mongibello", name that derives from "Gebel", an Arabic term frequently used in Sicilian toponymy, which means mountain.

A private helicopter tour in Sicily that includes many sightseeing on Etna as the wide caldera "Valle del Bove”. The entire volcanic edifice is engraved on the eastern side by a wide valley open towards the sea, 8 km long and 5 wide, inside which many lava flows ends emitted from the summit craters, from the side craters or inside the depression itself. Furthermore, you will see all side craters and lava flows that fashioned the unique landscape of Mount Etna. The slopes of Etna are dotted with a myriad of cinder cones, testifying the frequent eruptions that have shaped the sides of the mountain.

Mount Etna flight that includes a passage over the top, in the summit area of the volcano there are four active craters called "Bocca Nuova", "Voragine", "Cratere di Nord-Est" and "Cratere di Sud-Est". At least one of these craters have an almost permanent activity, with emissions of lava or gas plumes and ash. The accumulation of scoria in the active phases of an eruption and the frequent landslides, to which the craters are subject constantly, change the shape and height of the summit of Mount Etna.

Mount Etna private tour, you will have the helicopter at your disposal. Your pilot will follow a tourist itinerary tailored to visit the most interesting places on volcano Etna. The helicopter comfortably carries a maximum of 5 passengers. Each passenger will be equipped with helmet and headphones to speak to the pilot during the trip.

When planning your holiday in Sicily, do not forget that volcanoes are places of particular interest, either when they are inactive, with their rough and lunar landscape, and when they are in activity, with fiery scenarios that arouse, together, fear and curiosity. Etna stand-up more than others, for its size and for its almost incessant activity, visible from land and sea, and for its long history that crossed with the ancient Mediterranean civilisations.


Private Transfer Service Sicily

Transfers to/from the aerodrome are not included, you can ask for a quote. We offer several transfer services, our vehicles are equipped with every comfort and driven by expert drivers who guarantee efficiency, punctuality and courtesy. For short or long journeys, you will always be our favorite guest. We will endeavour to meet all your demands throughout Sicily. 


If you also want to visit the Aeolian Islands in addition to Etna, the flight will last 95 minutes and the fare is 3.700€.

All flights are available from April to October.

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