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If you are planning to visit Sicily, surely Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, is likely one of the best outdoor activities to look for.

There are many Etna trails you can choose, from easy walks at lower altitude, to real challenging hikes toward the summit of Etna.

Visit Mount Etna is a thrilling experience, more than all the other places you could explore in Sicily.

Just surrender to the beauty of a fully active volcano and its fiery charm!

In Sicily you will find spectacular culinary traditions, welcoming people, an epic history, marvellous beaches and several active volcanoes…

Etna3340 can help you to organize your perfect holiday through a large range of services!

You can choose among several tours. Sailing itineraries around the Aeolian Islands. Volcano excursions visiting Etna and Stromboli with its fiery craters in constant activity.

Sicily gastronomic tours, sipping delicious wine made with the finest grapes of Sicily. Private helicopter tours over Etna, Stromboli and the beautiful Aeolian Islands, and much more.

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Sicily is an ideal destination for a one-week holiday. It offers travelers an escape and a breath of fresh sea air. However, stay in Sicily is not limited to the sea and swimming, it is also an opportunity to spend a few days learning some of its history.
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