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The excursion on Etna of your dreams?

Since 1987 our guides accompany on the volcano Etna

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English-speaking guide

English-speaking guide

Our excursions are conducted by English-speaking professional volcanologist guides with many years of experience: those from the Regional College of Alpine and Volcanological Guides in Sicily.

They are the only legally approved tour guides that can lead tourist groups on top of the active volcano.

To discover the most popular places in Sicily (cities, archaeological parks, museums ...) our certified touristic guides are at your disposal.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

We organize excursions to discover Etna and Sicily as if we were clients: we create unforgettable experiences.

For a unique and authentic experience, the departure is early in the morning.

Our tailor-made excursions are private or in small groups, away from the crowds. Enjoy exclusive routes under the best conditions.

Daily tours

Daily tours

For adventurers looking for escape routes and authentic sensations: let yourself be surprised by the lunar landscapes of Etna and the beauty of Sicily.

How do I get to Mount Etna? What will I see while hiking on the volcano? When is the best time to climb to the top?

Our guides are available every day so that you can discover the Etna volcano in an exclusive way and under the best conditions.


GET OFF THE USUAL HIKING TRAILSHow to visit volcano Etna with guides

Etna3340 to conceive and conduct excellent excursions has: passion, dedication, study, quality and spirit of service. Etna3340 organizes the excursion on Etna accompanied by the guide, away from the crowded tourist flows to enjoy nature.

Choose your excursion on Etna with Etna3340. It is a pleasure to be able to organize the excursion on the Etna volcano of your dreams, with a volcanological guide who accompanies you during excursions on unusual routes.

We can call you and discuss together what it is possible to do as an excursion to Mount Etna during your stay in Sicily. Since 2019 it has not been possible to climb Etna to the summit, due to the eruptive risk (+60 eruptions in 2022).

The hiking limit is currently 2850 meters above sea level. Going off the usual hiking trails? If you are a nature and volcano enthusiast, you will surely enjoy discovering Etna accompanied by a volcanological guide.

In the company of the guide, you have the opportunity to discover a unique landscape in the silence of the volcanic landscapes of Etna on an excursion, different from what other excursion agencies offer.

The Etna3340 guide will make you live an unforgettable experience, away from the hordes of tourists thirsty for selfies and in the event of an eruption of Etna the guide will take you to see the fluid lava.

Etna is a very active volcano. How to visit Etna? With the guides of Etna3340. The most beautiful experience is seeing the eruption of Etna, seeing the hot flowing lava and the active craters.

There are 3 experiences to try on Etna: the helicopter flight on the summit crater, the excursion with night departure before dawn (north side) and the excursion by cable car to the summit craters (south).

To see the flowing lava and inside of Etna's smoking summit craters, opt for a helicopter flight over Mount Etna (it's possible to see the erupting Stromboli and the Aeolian Islands, including Vulcano and Lipari).

If you are a photographer or you like photographing nature and beautiful volcanic landscapes, the excursion to Etna which leaves about 2 hours before sunrise is designed to take pictures in the best moment, the golden hour.

If you want to climb as high as possible and get close to the hot lava in the summit area of Etna, you have to use the cable car on the southern slope of Etna. Here you touch the hot lava and can walk on the smoking craters.

I do my best to offer you the best possible excursion on Etna accompanied by an English speaking guide. As a guide, I have chosen the most spectacular routes, carried out at particular times of the day, particular attention is paid to safety during visits.

Do you want to see an overview of the excursions on Etna and the helicopter flights that I offer? Open the Etna3340 Instagram page or YouTube channel. If you want to be informed about the eruptions of Etna and Stromboli, subscribe to the newsletter.

I will send you by email information about the volcanic activity of Etna, Stromboli and the volcanoes in Sicily. Call +393334591618, to organize a tailor-made excursion on the Etna volcano, in a group or privately accompanied by a guide.


To pass the selection, the guides who work at Etna3340 must know the Etna environment, have a long experience of excursions on volcanic terrain and know how to lead people safely.

Our guides all have in common the love for Etna and Sicily, the ability to convey the passion of the Etna volcano and the desire to share a beautiful excursion on Etna, especially when Etna erupts and you go to see fluid lava.

Our mission n.1 as a guide is to welcome you warmly, respond professionally and sincerely to your specific hiking needs on the Etna volcano. I organize every excursion on Etna as if it were unique, magical.

Our goal as a guide is to make visitors experience an excursion on Etna in an authentic and unique way. The idea is to explain the history and dynamism of Etna, of Sicily and make you live an unforgettable experience.