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Our professional guides accompany you throughout your excursions on Mount Etna

Being a volcanologist guide is a profession. A real job, regulated in every country and for every types of excursions. The mission of a guide is not only to transmit information in a common language, but to offer safe guided tours.

Etna3340 Volcanologist Guides

Official volcanologist guides are the only professionals authorized to lead groups on active volcanoes in Sicily by the Italian law. They only organize guided tours and excursions in cities and regions where they have an authentic autorisation. This license is generally certified and given by the Ministry of Tourism only, and in this case by the Sicilien Ministry of Tourism. For this reason, all Etna3340 Excursions are made by official volcanologists guides. These certified guides are part of an important group of mountain guides in Sicily. They can practice their activity and drive groups of hikers up to the summit of Mount Etna and on all the Sicilian territory.

This practice is authorized by the official law n°6 of January 2nd, 1989 and by the regional law. They know all the secrets of the mount and can teach each of them to you. With these guides, the “mountain professionals”, excursions in the woods and the "hikes" up to the peak of a volcano are truly unforgettable experiences. This is a real opportunity for doing your excursion without limiting your visit and have any worries. These Guides are the only guides available by Etna3340 during these excursions. They are also guardians of the secrets of the landscape and of the volcano.

Specialized in hikes on the craters of the volcano, they are able to assure excursions that require some kind of physical effort, such as the climbing to the summit of a volcano going up to 3000 meters.

Why should you choose a volcanologist guide?

The advantage of an excursion with a volcanologist guide is to go through an unforgettable experience in total safety and with a professional. Climbing volcanoes is always a unique and unforgettable experience rich in sensations, but it is always necessary to consider that Etna is the biggest active volcano in Europe and that its nature is unpredictable and potentially dangerous. In these conditions, being accompanied by our guides gives you the guarantee of an excursion in total safety. Indeed, our angels of the mountain know the site perfectly and are aware of all dangers. They will do everything to keep visitors in safety.

Etna3340, has chosen to trust these professional guides in order for you to be in complete safety and to take serenely advantage of the lunar and unique landscape of Etna. Choosing professional and official guides is not the only requirement for Etna3340, our customers should as well be equipped with conform equipment. Protect and secure each and everyone of our visitors and guarantee a good progress of the visits is our number one priority. It is necessary to all visitors be careful: unfortunately not all competitors are given the same attention to the equipment requirements that is offered by Etna3340.

It is important to respect all security recommendation in order for this experience to be unforgettable. This adventure is truly made for people to try a new and unique experience and to cross their limits. We offer a professional equipment of high range to accompany you during all the duration of your visit, so that you can enjoy a majestic landscape and a magnificent view on the city of Catania. Don’t hesitate to book one of our excursion to de guided by our experts throughout our trekkings. Feel free to visit our website and to discover a large choice of Etna Excursions.