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You are looking for your next holiday destination? A special place where the landscape is extremely diversed and the sea is clear as the bahamas ? Aeolian Islands is an ideal destination. This inescapable destination of Sicily offers you the opportunity to discover the most beautiful volcanic landscapes in Europe, in the heart of azure Mediterranean. It is a real heaven, peaceful and quiet right in the center of Sicily. The excursion of the Aeolian Islands , possible in helicopter for a day, or by boat for a discovery during several days, will gives you an opportunity to visit this island like an explorer. Etna3340 gives you some informations about this destination and is the most beautiful way to visit the Aeolian Islands.

Why to visit the Aeolian Islands ?

The archipelago of Aeolian Islands is famous for its unique beauty, its spectacular volcanoes, its sea bed which abound in life, and fabulous sound cultural heritage. It is composed of 7 Islands, each of them benefits from a distinctive charm, and attraction. Together, those 7 islands are one of the biggest destination of Italy which attracts 200 000 visitors every year. They are moreover registered on the UNESCO world heritage list since 2000. The visit of the Aeolian Island s is à key destination into the Sicilian region.


Lipari is the principal island of the archipelago. It is very famous for its careers of pumices, which confers it an unrivalled identity throughout the coast. There, you can find wonderful creeks and rocks, where it is possible to swim in a crystalline water. There is also paved roads and rich and incredible architecture. The archaeological museum, situated in the heart of the island, is the witness of the Greek activity, and the castle, overhanging its port is the most beautiful expression of the Italian history.




It is approximately the second biggest island in the archipelago. Named after the exploitation of salt found on the island, This place is accessible from the small port of Santa Marina, which gives to Salina all its dynamism. With numerous restaurants and delicious local cooking, the island of Salina is the key destination of all the “gourmands”.


Recognizable for its coasts, the island of Vulcano have been perfectly named. Three craters of volcano situated on the island allow you to perceive magnificent fume emissions which are the real attraction of this territory. The main volcano, put to sleep since almost two centuries and also visited for its Gran Cratère, will impress by its beauty. Besides its precious minerals, the island is also known for its sulphurous mud baths, situated in Porto di Levante, on the seaside. Vulcano is bound to come up for all the volcanologists lovers and people in search of some quiet time.





Big star of the archipelago, the island Stromboli is known worldwide for its eponym volcano, in constant eruption since more than two millenniums. The latest, offered spectacular lava flows, even more impressive at nightfall. The hikes among the crater, although very physical, are worth it and will delight all the people in search of disorientation. The nature lovers will not be outdone: Stromboli abounds in wonderful landscapes, accessible by differents hikes, and points of view, were spread in every corner of the island. The various villages of the island offer a peaceful and colored frame which contrasts with the power of the volcano.


Situated near Taormina and Capri, the small island of 3,4 km2 is the prettiest of all the archipelago. With its paved side streets, going among typical white houses, Panarea offers an atmosphere full of charm to its visitors. This is why this archipelago is very appreciated by the celebrities. It is also ideally situated to observe the bursts of Stromboli far off. Panarea is also an island strongly recommended for the diving amateurs, for the richness and the various submarine life.





This Island is a dreaming destination for the visitors in search of escape. Very quiet, and rich of pure nature, Filicudi is a real place of peace of mind and serenity. 6 volcanoes are there, they are not active yet, so they offer to this magnificent island a magical relief where the hikes are full of surprises. But most of it, this island gives the sensation to reach the end of the world.


This island is not as visited as the others by the tourists. That's why the atypical charm of its volcanic landscape is totally protected. The visit of its fishermen's small village gives the incredible sensation to be cut of the world. The authenticity of this island confers it an atmosphere which comes to contrast with the landscapes of the other islands. Through your journey you will discover a traditional aspect of the region, and will be able to appreciate the culture and the agriculture, far from the tourist attractions.

How to visit the Aeolian Islands?

The exploration of the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands is mainly made by the sea, island landscape obliged. Navigate with us, for a week of holidays by boat, to discover a wonderful landscape and live a unique and relaxing experience. For those who like living fully the sea and the nature, but also to those who want to discover all the wealth of the archipelago with a guide, this is for you. Etna3340 organizes a complete visit of all the archipelago to allow you to benefit from this open-air beauty. The excursion in helicopter will allow the adventurers to discover the best of the archipelago in a short time. It is a complete exploration to discover the spectacular eruptions of the various volcanoes. So if you are in search of your next destination of holidays for this summer, do not hesitate to contact us in order to organize a visit of the Aeolian Islands which looks like you!

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