Discover the top of the destinations in Sicily! What to do , or to go and which events who doesn't miss in Sicily. Visit Sicily, it is a dumping in a diversified environment, in the abundant vegetation and in the culture and the rich gastronomy. 

The best places to be visited in Sicily? Let be guided in alley of the city of Catania, Syracuse and Taormina, an open-air Greek temple. Swim in the crystalline water of Aeolian Islands and admire the sunset on the most active volcano of Europe: Etna!


The attention to Sicily has always been strong, at the foot of the Madonie mountains and Etna volcano, in sight of the three seas that surround it (Ionian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea and the African Sea), around the beautiful smaller islands and finally in the hearts of Catania and Palermo, where for centuries stories and dramas are held that excite the rest of Italy and the world.

Sicily is also a treasure chest of nature trails of great beauty, and often well-marked and maintained, allow you to discover parts of the coast solitary and upright, canyons and Necropolis, blooms and scents, scenic peaks and monuments of faith. Those who think of an arid island are astonished by the extraordinary forests of Nebrodi and Madonie, and more. Even the big cities offer walks and surprises. Walking is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the history and nature of a place.

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what to visit in sicily in a week

What to visit in Sicily in a week

Sicily is an ideal destination for a one-week holiday. It offers travelers an escape and a breath of fresh sea air. However, stay in Sicily is not limited to the sea and swimming, it is also an opportunity to spend a few days learning some of its history.

10 Best Etna Tours

The possibilities to discover Sicily and Mount Etna are endless. Whether you are a sportsman, a relaxed traveller, a thrill seeker, or a science or landscapes enthusiast, you'll always find something for you on Mount Etna.