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Welcome to Etna3340 blog, here you will find all news about Etna and Sicily, about events, excursions and places to visit in Sicily, enriched by all the useful information concerning the volcanic activity of Mount Etna. There are many things to do when you explore a new place. The hardest? Know where to start! Visiting Sicily and climbing to its tallest mountain like Mount Etna who's the biggest active volcano in Europe, is both a real challenge and an unforgettable experience. In order to help you plan correctly your journey in Sicily, we posts news and advices helping you getting ready for uniques adventures around Sicily's best places and activities.

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Eruption Mount Etna March 2017

Eruption Mount Etna March 2017

Eruption of Mount Etna, a new eruptive episode began March 15, 2017 from the Southeast Crater. After last eruption (27 February-1 March 2017) it was observed a weak explosive activity that with the passing day has gradually intensified.
éruption Etna 19/04/2017

Etna eruption April 2017

New eruptive episode, for the moment the lava flow is no longer fed this Thursday, April 20th. Wednesday, April 19, after the end of the last active phase on the night of April 14, here again Etna in activity.