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Sicily is an open theater! Colorful actors, sublime sets ... From Palermo the beautiful to volcanic Catania, Carolina de Salvo takes us to discover an amazing Sicily. The one who lives in the shadow of the volcano. On the island, Etna is more than a symbol. It fascinates as much as it shapes landscapes. The characters too! Carolina de Salvo was born in Rome but grew up in Sicily, near Palermo. When the weather was clear, she saw Mount Etna in the distance. It is on the "Mountain" as it is called on the island that his journey begins. A spectacular introduction in the company of Marco, a child of the volcano. Marco learned to walk on the slopes of Mount Etna

He walks them today as a mountain guide. On skis, on foot or by bike. With him, Carolina will see all the colors! "Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. He is constantly growing, erupting after eruption. Here it is called Mamma. We have a lot of respect for her. She is considered a mother! ". The anger of Etna can do a lot of damage. But nobody thinks of running away. Because the lava enriches the earth. At the heart of wind turbines, we produce the wine of volcanoes. Malvasia, imported by the Greeks ... five centuries before Christ! The foothills of Mount Etna are like a Garden of Eden, where gold is sometimes cultivated. 

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Green gold as in Bronte, with the famous pistachio. "The best in the world" according to Nino, the king of pistachio in the region. With him, Carolina will reap the treasure of the island, without forgetting to taste it ... Essential! Traveling in Sicily means keeping all your senses awake. The capital of gastronomy is Palermo. Strolling through its markets is in itself a fantastic sensory experience! "We're at the theater, it smells like spices, grilled meat, fresh fruit. And then come here is to understand the history of the island. Along with Carolina, Pepe, an outstanding cook. What interests him? Find out atypical places, open them and resurrect the recipes of the past. In the convent of St. Catherine, Carolina will discover the secrets of Sicilian pastry. In the street next door, Princess Alliata Licata of Baucina is about to receive. Twenty guests who will taste, the time of a cocktail, the old-fashioned charm of his palace built in the 15th century. "This reception is a tiny stone to a huge building that allows me to keep the ship afloat. 

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But it's a lot of work. I am a Princess Artisan and it is not easy every day. Thanks to enthusiasts like the Princess, Palermo gradually finds its lost heritage. On the other side of the island, Catania maintains its late Baroque heritage. On a bike, Carolina takes us to discover "the girl of the volcano", where white rubs black on the facades of the palaces. "It's Etna's powder. The volcano is everywhere in the city. He has profoundly marked his story. Etna eruptions and earthquakes have never spared the region. West of Catania, Ragusa, in the heart of the Baroque valley. Here, as everywhere in Sicily, we pray as we breathe ... And it shows. The city has 50 churches, for 70,000 inhabitants! Each village has its patron saint, to protect it when nature is unleashed. And when it comes to honoring it, the Sicilians display a real know-how! Carolina will check it in Monterrosso Almo. A small village of 3000 souls that comes out of its torpor to celebrate Saint John the Baptist. An incredible day during which the show rubs the devotion ... Spectacular!