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Volcano Stromboli has a persistent explosive activity and is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It has an altitude of 926 meters and reaches a depth between 1300 m and 2400 m below sea level. A few hundred meters northeast of Stromboli there is the "neck" of Strombolicchio, old volcanic chimney. Stromboli is an explosive volcano with eruptions occurring at an average frequency of about 1 every hour. Its ordinary activity takes place at an altitude of 750m from the various eruptive vents present in the summit area and aligned in the direction NE-SW. 

This activity consists of intermittent bursts of medium energy, with a duration of a few seconds at intervals of 10-20 minutes, generally with the emission of small amounts of incandescent bombs, slag, lapilli, ash and blocks, with a speed between 20 to 120 meters per second and has heights ranging from a few tens to a few hundred meters.The rare lava flows are poured on the northwest side where they are confined inside the so called "Sciara del Fuoco" and therefore do not represent a danger for the population of the island. 

Stromboli is known, frequented and inhabited since antiquity, its economy has always been based on the typical Mediterranean agricultural production: olives, grapes (Malvasia cultivated low in terraced gardens), figs and peach. The island of Stromboli can be reached by ferry from Naples, Lipari, Milazzo, Messina, Reggio Calabria, Vibo Valentia and Tropea. By boat you can also reach at night the lively island of Panarea nearby, the rock of Strombolicchio or the village of Ginostra. 

Ginostra is a small amphitheater-shaped village in the south-west of the island of Stromboli where the only means of transport are mules and offers views of some of the Aeolian Islands, Mount Etna and the Calabrian coast. You can visit the volcano with experienced guides, which lead to about 900 meters above sea level. The ascent of the Sromboli: about 900 meters of hike it is done in the late afternoon, departure 2-3 hours before sunset, with 2h30 / 1h30 min of trekking roundtrip. The difference on temperature between the sea level and 900 meters is about 15 degrees, so plan the right equipment. A guide is obligatory over the 400 meters of altitude, you can stay maximum 1 hour at the top.

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