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Discover Mount Etna in Sicily is a strong experience, like no other. The only destination in Europe to offer different landscapes in permanent contact with the 4 natural elements. Etna3340, through four unique excursions: water, fire, earth, and air, invites you to discover the beauty of nature as you've never seen it before!

Mount Etna, the mountain of fire.

The ascent of Mount Etna is a unique experience of any trip to Sicily. In addition to making you discover one of the most beautiful landscapes of Italy, the excursion to the summit craters of the highest volcano in Europe will make you defy the elements. Climb Etna, you will light the flame of the adventurer who sleeps in each of us and at the turn of the winding paths of the famous mountain, you will discover the incredible lava sculptures, formed by centuries-old magmatic flows, a dark landscape, where you can approach closer to the lava.

You will never be as close as the center of the Earth before. This is an expedition breathtaking that perfectly illustrates the most powerful element that our planet knows, the fire.



The Aeolian Islands: Sicily over water

Regarding the 4 elements, is all a question of balance. Water counterbalances the power of the flames. Sicily is all in this image: the ardent island also offers you aquatic treasures that will awake your sailor's heart. The excursion in the famous Aeolian Islands will make you discover the marvels of the blue gold of our planet. Composed of 7 islands with singular charm, this archipelago allows a visit over the water. From the incredible coves of Lipari to the seabed of Panarea Island, to the imposing Stromboli, you will discover the beauty of the element of life: water. Let yourself be charmed by a boat trip off the Aeolian Islands, and for a total experience, sail in the clear and calm waters of Sicily with our mini-cruise in the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands.




Catania and Syracuse: the wealth of the land

The Earth, is the one between the four elements, that most symbolize the strength during the trip. Catania and Syracuse offer the most beautiful riches of Island. Whether local agricultural products or historic ruins, the land represents all the power of Sicily. Lovers of local cuisine can enjoy a visit to Catania to succumb to the delights of Italian gastronomy and especially the famous pistachio Verde di Bronte, whose region is renowned for its culture. History buffs will be able to stroll in the heart of the city of Syracuse and its paved paths. The opportunity, at the corner of the streets, is to discover the Greco-Roman ruins of the city and the beautiful colors of its buildings.



Etna by the air: the helicopter flight

The array of four natural elements would not be complete without evoking the air. Because yes, it is also possible to discover the riches of Sicily by air! Fly by helicopter for an excursion to Mount Etna: a unique adventure to observe the volcano as a whole. You leave from the city of Calatabiani to discover by air Mount Etna from every angle. The expedition, very different from a pedestrian exploration will give you the incredible feeling of being one with the landscape, and you will discover the fabulous spectacle of Sicily from an angle never seen before.

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The best time to visit Sicily is from May to June or September to October. Summer high temperatures will make hiking Mount Etna much harder than usual. Whatever season and excursion in Sicily you choose, Etna is an amazing natural wonder offering a great variety of emotions.

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