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The possibilities to discover Sicily and Mount Etna are endless. Whether you are a sportsman, a relaxed traveller, a thrill seeker, or a science or landscapes enthusiast, you'll always find something for you on Mount Etna. To help you find the visit that suits you, here are the 10 best options to visit Etna. Follow the guide! 


1. Mount Etna 4x4 Tour

If you are a thrill-seeker, wanting to enjoy the breathtaking landscape of Mount Etna from the comfort of a vehicle, you can choose a 4x4 tour. You will be driven by a volcanologist guide through the biggest green spots in Sicily. Starting from the northern slope of the Volcano, you will have the opportunity to discover the largest birch forest in Etna, as well as the oldest solidified lava flows of the volcano, before reaching the Sapienza refuge.


2. Mount Etna Tour Trek

If you are looking for a complete ascent of Mount Etna, and are not afraid of physical hikes, the Trekking Etna tour is made for you ! It gives an in-depth time for the visitors to discover the craters of the summit. This 15 km-long trek is an intense way to discover Etna's active volcanic environment. Dear adventure lovers looking for a new challenge, don't think twice : during the Trekking tour, you will never have been closer to the centre of the Earth.


3. Mount Etna’s Hot Lava Hike

This Mount Etna tour is designed for lovers of spectacular natural phenomena. It provides a unique opportunity to walk on hot lava flows and the 2003 eruptions' hot craters. You'll be able to observe  the Valle del Bove's eruptive activity from the most recent eruptions, and experience strong rumbles coming from under your feet.


4. Mount Etna’s West Tour

Discover nature and green area lovers' favorite Mount Etna Tour ! The trail runs through the most extensive forest of the volcano, alternating between green areas and solidified lava flows. Jump on the opportunity to explore the magnificent and unsung greenery of the volcano. This tour starts from the West side of mount Etna and offers not only an easy climb but also one of the funniest descent though the volcanic sand.


5. Mount Etna Caving Tour

Adventurers will love visiting the volcano's lava tunnels! Do not miss the "Three Levels Tunnel" tour : a 50-meter-long lava tunnel, formed by a solidified lava flow. Only accessible with a caving equipment (helmet and torch), it is one of the longest and most spectacular lava tunnels in the volcano. Discovered in 1964, it is located at an altitude of more than 1600 meters. The dream of all explorers!


6. Mount Etna Helicopter tour

One of the most famous Mount Etna Tour is the helicopter tour. It must be said that the air way is the most suitable to discover this Sicily natural and volcanic treasure. Take the opportunity to admire, from the sky, the activity of the volcano and its large clouds of smoke. The departure is generally scheduled from the certified aerodrome of Calatabiano. The flight includes a full tour of the volcano with a near passage to the summit craters.


7. Etna Morning Tour and Sunset tour

One of the most enchanting ways to discover Etna is to take a tour in the early morning or at sunset. It is a must-see for landscapes lovers. The Mediterranean coast, as the lava craters, are truly beautified by the dawn and the rising morning light, and visitors can enjoy a breathtaking sight. Don't miss the unforgettable opportunity to discover all the beauty of Sicily's colors.


8. Mount Etna & Taormina Tour

To History and culture amateurs : do not miss the Taormina and Mount Etna Tour ! Choosing a visit that combine those two sites will take you out of yourself. The city, located at the bottom of the volcano, is at the crossroads of several ancient civilizations. You will have the opportunity to discover its ancient Greek Theatre, its old town, its Gallo-Roman ruins, and its culinary specialities, under the gaze of the imposing volcano.


9. Wine & Gastronomy Etna Tour

Let your senses guide you through this amazing Etna Tour ! Wine lovers will be charmed by a gastronomic visit to the famous volcano. Some wineries can be found directly on Mount Etna, which welcome visitors all year round to taste the local wine and culinary specialities of the region, such as Bronte's pistachio. An old saying states that "the best way to appreciate the abundance of this island is to sit at the table". Let yourself be overwhelmed by the scents and flavours of its wines and culinary specialities.


10. Mount Etna South Tour & the 5 Craters

Go for a day full of contrasts between vegetation, craters and lava flows. The Mount Etna tour from the south of the volcano offers a journey mainly in descent, on the 5 craters of the 1892 Buttonhole system. The itinerary includes visits to several craters through lunar landscapes, endemic vegetation, and ancient lava flows. It's a great visit, to be done with a specialized volcanologist guide, of course!

To get more information about the many Mount Etna tours, visit Etna 3340 selection : you'll find all our guided tours details to discover Sicily and its treasures.

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