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Going to discover Sicilian gastronomy is a special trip: a journey between flavors, scents, and history.

The diversity of Sicilian gastronomy

The best way to appreciate the wealth of this island is to sit at the table and let yourself be overwhelmed by the scents and flavors of its culinary specialties. Sicily is a region particularly full of products from the land and the sea, which makes its cuisine very varied and rich. The essence of its culinary heritage of character is the fruit of the people who crossed it, inhabited and left a trace of their passage. The Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards, and people of North Africa, marked the Sicilian cuisine by making it what it is today: an irresistible mix of products, perfumes, and cooking techniques.


The gastronomic specialties of the island

Sicilian cuisine is a hymn to the Mediterranean. Vegetables and fish are the protagonists of the most popular recipes. Vegetarians will appreciate the rich antipasti and eggplant dishes, the queen of Sicilian gastronomy, such as caponata, parmigiana and the inevitable pasta Alla Norma. Seafood lovers can enjoy the famous dish with Sardinian pasta served with a sardine sauce. Gourmands will be spoiled for choice of Sicilian cakes such as Frutta Martorana, cassata and cannoli siciliani with ricotta.


Pistachio: the green gold of Sicily

The territory surrounding the volcano Etna offers two of the most popular products of Sicilian cuisine: pistachio and wine. The Bronte pistachio is a symbol of the region. This Sicilian quot&green gold" is used for the preparation of various sweet and savory dishes. Indeed, the pistachio is used for the preparation of pies, dragees, ice creams, nougats, and granites. In its salty version, the pistachio is particularly appreciated in the form of pesto to be enjoyed with spaghetti or simply on a slice of bread with olive oil.


Etna wine, an eruption of flavors

The northern slope of Mount Etna is covered with vineyards where a unique wine, with decided notes, is produced. This wine owes its taste in part to the volcano, because, here, the vine takes root directly in the lava. The volcanic soil of the region and the microclimate, characterized by strong thermal variations, have created favorable conditions for the appearance of a variety of grapes with specific organoleptic properties. The wines produced in this territory benefit from the DOC markings: they are, in fact, wines of protected designation of origin. The Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Carricante and Cataratto are the must-have varieties of these lands, whose expertly calibrated blend gives life to wine Etna DOC. The red Etna is known for its fine and delicate aroma while the white Etna is distinguished by a scent evoking that of the sea.



How to combine the discovery of the territory and pleasure of the palace?

Make the most of your stay in the region, explore the volcano Etna while savoring the products of its territory.

Etna3340 offers various guided itineraries combining excursions on Mount Etna and courses designed for your palate. Explore the Sicilian volcano and enjoy the surrounding villages and their wineries aboard 4x4 jeeps. Finally, let yourself be tempted by the gastronomic tour "Etna & Pistache" for an unusual and gourmet hike.

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