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Welcome to the video section of Etna3340, we wanted to create a video selection of our excursions to visually discover the wonders of Sicily, the strength of Etna's volcanic eruptions and its lunar landscapes. A visual journey through the Sicilian cities of major architectural and historical interest, natural parks of incredible wealth of fauna and flora and the most recent volcanic eruptions of Mount Etna. There are no words that can fully explain what the eye transmits to the heart, indelible memories of a holiday mixed with history, nature, food, traditions and people of an island steeped in millennia of stories and myths.

Mount Etna Eruption - August 2018

Mount Etna eruptions: The great volcano emits fountains of ash and lava from the South East crater. The lava fountains launched in the air hundreds of meters, have been observed even at a great distance, it was possible see them also from Taormina and from Catania. In case of an important eruption of Etna, what risks does the population run? The INGV, said confidently that the risk to the population is virtually nil. The type of risk is closely linked to lava flows in the event of major eruption, they may involve homes and vast areas of land.

Aeolian islands

Explore the Aeolian Islands and discover the most beautiful shore excursions in Sicily. Rising out of the blue seas of Sicily, this 7 islands, are today part of the Unesco World Heritage. A small piece of paradise who gives great outdoor activities in Sicily, hikers will be thrilled by fiery volcanoes and hot fumaroles. Splendid waters provide all swimmers, sailors and divers a beautiful playground, while gourmets can sip honey-sweet Malvasia wine.

Visit Catania - Sicily

Searching for the best places to visit in Sicily? Find out more about all the activities to do in Catania, an english speaking guide will show you all the must see places in town. Catania is located at the foot of the mighty Mount Etna, the most known active volcano in Italy. Mount Etna eruptions can be seen from Catania, giving a unique charm to the town. Overlooking the Ionian Sea, Catania is a superb city and undisputed example of Sicilian Baroque.
trip on Etna

Trip across the summit

Best Mount Etna tour, explore the volcano with an unforgettable hike to the summit craters. Feel the hot ground and walk throughout the large fumaroles of the active craters. You can also choose a helicopter Etna tour and have an exclusive point of view over the major active volcano of Europe. Mt. Etna, a mutable volcano, a real mystery of nature that fascinates anyone, with its explosions, great lava fountains and earthquakes.

Climb mount Etna

Visit Mount Etna is sport, fun and beautiful views. But not only. The mountain is also the place to find inner peace, the strength to overcome difficulties. Mountains gives people the opportunity to test themselves in an environment where mistakes are paid. Where the danger is always lurking, but it is a calculated danger that helps to acquire skills. The attitude learned in the rock, translated into everyday life, helps to face it and to understand its deep meaning.

Climb mount etna at 3000 meters

Climbing and visiting Mount Etna. Discover à lunar landscape! Excursions on volcano Etna are performed by alpine volcanologists guides, official and experienced Mountain Leaders, fully registered in the Regional College of Alpine and Volcanoes Guides of Italy, the only true professionals authorised by the Italian law to lead groups on volcanoes like Etna and Stromboli, trained to face various hazards that can take place in active volcanic environments.
Visit Sicily

Places to visit in Sicily

Discover the best destinations in Sicily. This Island has a colossal historical, cultural and architectural heritage. Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, is located just below the tip of the Italian boot. As evidence of its rich history remain sites such as the Valley of the Temples, with the impressive ruins of seven Greek temples in Doric style, still well preserved, and works such as the Byzantine mosaics of the Palatine Chapel, an ancient royal chapel located in Palermo.

Catania to Acitrezza

The beautiful and charming small marine village near Catania. Come to visit Acitrezza and The Islands of the Cyclops. Just in front of the coast of Acitrezza you will see three tall little islands. According to the mythological legends, these great stones are the ones thrown at Ulysses in the Odyssey, a major ancient Greek epic poems. This complements the notion that the Cyclops, giants each with a single eye in the center of his forehead, once had a smithy below Mount Etna, which looms over the village to the northwest.
Etna Summit

Etna summit trekking

Before embarking on an Etna summit trekking, start to understand how volcanoes form? What do they emit? If there are active volcanoes in Italy? Learn more about these fiery, powerful mountains on Earth's surface. Volcanoes are manifestations of the igneous power contained in the depths of Earth. These formations are the result of openings on the earth's surface, from which huge amounts of molten rock, debris and gas are emitted directly from within our planet.
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