Trip across the summit

Best Mount Etna tour, explore the volcano with an unforgettable hike to the summit craters. Feel the hot ground and walk throughout the large fumaroles of the active craters. You can also choose a helicopter Etna tour and have an exclusive point of view over the major active volcano of Europe. Mt. Etna, a mutable volcano, a real mystery of nature that fascinates anyone, with its explosions, great lava fountains and earthquakes.

Trip across the summit of Mount Etna




Are you wondering what is the highest and most active volcano in Italy?


The volcano Etna has been attracting visitors to the island for several centuries. Its dialectal name, Mongibello, from Jebel in Arabic which means "mountain", in memory of the long Islamic presence on the island. Today Mount Etna is part of the UNESCO world heritage and is the heart of a fascinating regional park. A network of trails allows hikers to discover the woods, adventitious craters and lava flows that extend to the foot of the main craters.

In winter, when snow is sufficient, you can use snowshoes or skis. Etna is a living mountain. The explosions throwing rocks like volcanic bombs and gas clouds into the air, the lava flows that emerge from fissure that open suddenly on its slopes, continue to transform the topography of the volcano. At the summit are the four active craters, the steep crater of "Northeast", the crater "Bocca Nuova" and the "Voragine" from which clouds of acrid yellow smoke rise.

For some years now, the most active vent has been the crater named "Southeast", formed in the last years of the twentieth century, and to which it is very dangerous to approach. Today more than 170 sensors monitors the volcano, providing real-time informations to the Civil Defence and the INGV, the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology.

Hikes to the summit of Etna are achievable, you can book an excursion from a local Tour Operator, just be sure that they implement an official alpine and volcanologist guide. Active craters offers a unique show in Europe. On a clear day from the top, the view embraces half of Sicily.



We offer several excursions to the summit of Etna with an official guide, according to the level of difficulty desired


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