Aeolian islands

Explore the Aeolian Islands and discover the most beautiful shore excursions in Sicily. Rising out of the blue seas of Sicily, this 7 islands, are today part of the Unesco World Heritage. A small piece of paradise who gives great outdoor activities in Sicily, hikers will be thrilled by fiery volcanoes and hot fumaroles. Splendid waters provide all swimmers, sailors and divers a beautiful playground, while gourmets can sip honey-sweet Malvasia wine.

Visit the Aeolian islands 



What are unique experiences not to miss in Sicily ? Surely a visit of the Aeolian Islands !


The stretch of sea that separates Sicily from the Aeolian islands is short, but the time distance between these islands and coastal towns is marked. Time has not passed with the same speed; it seems, even, that history begins here first. The name itself reminds us of Aeolus, in Greek mythology was the keeper of the winds and king of the Aeolian Islands.

The presence of 2 active volcanoes, Vulcano and Stromboli, uncontrollable natural entities, takes them away from our era to bring them closer to the primordial one of the terrestrial genesis.

This seven islands are all of volcanic origin, but each one shows different colours that gives a magic landscape.

Vulcano is yellow-green, due to the sulphurous encrustations of the summit, and also black to the volcanic sand beaches. Lipari is blinding due to the strong contrast between the shimmering black of obsidian and the white of pumice. Stromboli is black during the day and a red glowing at night due to the continuous lava eruptions. Salina is bright green, for its forests at the top of the extinct craters. Filicudi, like Alicudi, is dark green, due to the beautiful caper plants that cover the basaltic rocks. Panarea has an amber color, punctuated by the bright green of the vine and the Dammusi whitewash (typical Sicilian architectural structures), the houses with large terrace covered with reeds typical of these islands.

Immersed in a sea of rocky seabeds, of an intense blue blaze, they are all surrounded by its reflections. The Aeolian Islands were not inhabited continuously, and their land give us fragments of ancient civilization clean of further historical overlaps.


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