Climb mount Etna

Visit Mount Etna is sport, fun and beautiful views. But not only. The mountain is also the place to find inner peace, the strength to overcome difficulties. Mountains gives people the opportunity to test themselves in an environment where mistakes are paid. Where the danger is always lurking, but it is a calculated danger that helps to acquire skills. The attitude learned in the rock, translated into everyday life, helps to face it and to understand its deep meaning.

Climb Mount Etna active volcano



Visit the highest active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna

Have you ever heard the dull sound of a volcano? Seen lava flows and lapilli?

Discover a volcano like Etna, for most of the time we admire their lava flows from a quiet corner of the office, sitting at the desk peace. But some massive volcanoes give the best of themselves if experienced first hand. The Etna excursions are possible even when the eruptive activity does not allow to reach the top, opting on low-altitude trails and lava caves.

Mount Etna ("A Muntagna", nicknamed by Sicilians, "THE Mountain"), is the Italian volcano par excellence, recently become a World Heritage Site. Every year the Sicilian relief, at 3330 meters above sea level, is reached by thousands of tourists, who venture on its paths or by cable car to admire the lunar landscapes, the fauna, and in winter the snow-covered peak.


You know the bucket list of things to do at least once in your life?

Well, Climb on volcano Etna, it's worth a good place. This is why we invite you to take any Sicily trips and come to an excursion to Mount Etna. The landscapes are spectacular, the colors are saturated and clear. The sound of an active volcano can be felt in the stomach, it is a very low and continuous frequency, then when it explodes you do not forget it.


You can also visit volcano Etna with the family

They are usually one of the children's favorite science topics! At school they are very attentive, when this lesson arrives, and even before they let themselves be fascinated by these enchanted, incandescent and terrible mountains. Between the different excursions in Sicily, Mount Etna is among the most fascinating Sicily tour. If you want to do an outdoor activity near Catania, you can choose different types of excursions. The volcano Etna is located on the east coast of Sicily, one of the 10 active volcanoes in Italy (other than Stromboli, Vesuvio, Ischia, Lipari, Vulcano, Pantelleria, Colli Albani, Campi Flegrei and Isola Ferdinandea).

Being easily accessible you can visit Etna all year round, admiring the magnificent columns of ash and gas that often produces, and take advantage of all specialities as food and wine, with tasteful wine tastings.

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