Climb mount etna at 3000 meters

Climbing and visiting Mount Etna. Discover à lunar landscape! Excursions on volcano Etna are performed by alpine volcanologists guides, official and experienced Mountain Leaders, fully registered in the Regional College of Alpine and Volcanoes Guides of Italy, the only true professionals authorised by the Italian law to lead groups on volcanoes like Etna and Stromboli, trained to face various hazards that can take place in active volcanic environments.

Etna Excursion 3000 - Hike to the summit base of Etna



Visit Mount Etna, climb closer to the summit active craters, the most fascinating experience exploring the volcano followed by an experienced alpine volcanologist guide through the most recent lava flows, exploring lava caves and channels, walking over the most devastating eruptions of Etna.

You will spend a whole day in contact with the volcanic nature of this alive mountain. Get beyond the limits where most of other groups have to stop (2920 meters of altitude), we will take you where others can not go without a dedicated volcanologist guide. You will reach the base of the summit active craters.

Volcanoes are places of great interest, either when they are inactive, with rough and lunar layouts, and when they are in full activity, with fiery scenarios that trigger, together, fear and curiosity. Etna stand-up more than others, for its size and for its constant activity, visible from land and sea, and for its great history that crossed with the ancient Mediterranean civilisations.

Mount Etna is a World Heritage Site, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature has defined Etna as Icon of the Mediterranean, recognising its importance and exceptional level of volcanic activity, and also the documentation of its activity over at least 2,700 years. Mount Etna is a symbol of telluric energy, occupies a privileged position in the heart of the Mediterranean. Celebrated by the poets of Antiquity before being the object of the most updated modern scientific investigations, it is today better known than any other volcano.

Everything contributes to give Mt Etna an exceptional value, its geological and geographical setting, the diversity of its eruptive phenomena, the nature of its environment, the number and the richness of its flora and fauna. Volcano Etna notoriety, scientific importance, and cultural and educational value are of global significance.

Climb to Mount Etna escursion to 3000m :

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