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Etna excursion cable car etna3340

Excursion to the hot lava, summit area

Touch the hot lava near the summit, travel through a hot crater, observe active volcanic phenomena and walk in the volcanic desert.

If you are a family with sporty children (over 8 years old) with this excursion you can easily climb a hot crater and see the peak of Etna up close.

  • Group up to 10 people maximum.
  • Excursion to hot craters and hot lava in the volcanic desert.
  • View of the Valle del Bove and crossing of a lava channel.
  • You will see the summit craters of Etna and the recent lava flows.

Ascent to the base of Etna by cable car

The excursion of about 9 km with 400 m of difference in height + - on the southern side of Etna is dedicated to sportsmen who wish to witness active volcanic phenomena.

The ascent to the hot crater is done by cable car and on foot. You will arrive close to the summit of Etna, an unforgettable memory! Do you want to visit the Etna volcano and dream of easily climbing as high as possible? This excursion is for you! The excursion takes place in the morning in the volcanic desert dotted with pyroclastic material, craters and lava flows (some hot). You will see (volcanic activity permitting): the base of the summit craters, the Valle del Bove, a still hot crater and boiling lava. This excursion is an exciting sporting adventure, an excursion into the volcanic desert of Etna. The exclusive path offered by Etna3340 allows you to discover a hot crater near the base of the summit of Etna. The climb to the top of the still hot crater takes place in groups of up to 12 people. The collection can be made at the bar / restaurant "La Cantoniera", near the Rifugio Sapienza (South Etna), at your place of accommodation (Catania / Taormina area).


Ascent to Etna from the south side with the cable car

The road leading to the cable car has several lava flows. You will see the destructive effects of lava on houses (volcano eruption in 1983). You will see the crater of Mont Rossi from the great eruption of 1669, during this famous eruption the lava had reached the sea in Catania. Lunar landscapes begin, the higher you climb, the less vegetation there is.


Excursion to the hot areas of South Etna with the cable car

To climb to the base of the summit of the largest and most active volcano in Europe, use the cable car located near the Silvestri crater and the Sapienza refuge (South Etna). With the cable car you get to an altitude of 2500 meters. The ascent continues, allowing volcanic activity, walking up to 2850 meters above sea level (area of ​​the base of the summit craters). This hike allows you to walk over still-warm craters and hot lava from 2022, allowing for volcanic activity. The Etna volcano has hundreds of craters on its sides. Our volcanologist guide will explain the eruptive history and how the Etna volcano works. At 3000 meters above sea level you will appreciate being able to get close to the great craters of the Summit (the Bocca Nuova, the Central Crater and the South-East). It is possible to observe the possible eruptive activity, the great “Valle del Bove” (theater of recent eruptions), the panorama of the Mediterranean and the Italian coast.


3000 m excursion by cable car from the top of Etna Sud

The climb near the base of the summit craters of Etna is an excursion suitable for young and old sportsmen (over 8 years).


See the Valle del Bove

The path continues towards the horseshoe-shaped Valle del Bove where most of the lava flows converge. The view is breathtaking in these volcanic places. The return to 1900 meters will be done by cable car or on foot.


How to reach Etna if you don't have a car?

To reach the Sapienza refuge, on the southern side of Etna, you can take the AST bus (Azienda Siciliana Trasporti) which leaves in front of the central railway station of Catania. The bus leaves at 8 from Catania in front of the central train station, arrives at the La Cantoniera restaurant bar on the southern side of Etna, meeting with the guide at 10 am and leaves for Catania at 4 pm. This way you can easily and very cheaply join our guide to join the Etna South excursion. Your guide will meet you when you get off the bus.


Geodynamic situation of the Etna volcano

At the moment it is not possible to climb Mount Etna to the top due to the risk of eruption. The limit of the excursions is currently 2850 meters above sea level. The situation changes from day to day depending on the unpredictable activity of the Etna volcano and the restrictions on the areas allowed for excursions also often change. If the summit area opens up during your stay in Sicily, we can change our route and get closer.


Etna South Tour with guide

Book your excursion to the top of Etna with Etna3340. The exclusive itinerary proposed allows you to discover the hot areas of the volcano, otherwise inaccessible without an official guide. The visits are carried out by our French-speaking alpine guides of the Regional College of Alpine and Volcanological Guides of Sicily, the only professionals authorized by Italian law to lead groups on the active volcano.


Etna tour without guide

To go to the summit area it is necessary to book the services of a volcanological guide, it is forbidden without a guide. The excursions are free up to 2500 meters above sea level. Take the cable car only (about 30€ / person), then walk up to the maximum authorized altitude. As for the southern side of Etna: with your vehicle you can reach the Sapienza Refuge, at 1900 meters above sea level. There are unattended paid parking lots, bars, restaurants, hotels, souvenir shops and…. many people.

Here is the departure of the cable car which, in about 15 minutes, reaches an altitude of 2500 meters. At the exit of the cable car there are large 4x4 Unimogs to reach an altitude of 2750 meters in groups of 20-30 people. The visit of these craters is carried out in groups of 20-30 people with the volcanological guides that you will find at the exit of the 4x4 bus. The easy group walk takes about 40 minutes, the guides are multilingual.

The descent must be done with the 4x4 bus, then with the cable car. It is forbidden to walk without a guide above 2500 meters above sea level on the volcano. The price is about 70€ per person (cable car + Unimog 4x4), for a total duration of about 2 hours of visit in all, in the midst of the crowd of tourists.


Equipment provided free of charge: helmet, torch, poles, backpack and raincoat.


To participate in excursions on Etna, mountain boots are required.

If you don't have them, you have to take them or rent them. The price for the rental of trekking shoes is 5€ per pair with Etna3340. Tell me your sizes (women and men) no later than 24 hours before the excursion. Your guide will bring you your shoes on the day of the excursion.


Equipment required but not included.

Mid-calf gaiters or socks (to limit volcanic sand in shoes). Trekking pants, jersey / fleece, warm waterproof windbreaker jacket with hood, gloves, hat, cap to protect your head from the sun, sunscreen, sunglasses. Plan a picnic and water in advance (1.5 liters per person).

  • The excursion of about 9 km with 400 m of difference in height + - on the southern side of Etna is dedicated to sportsmen who wish to witness active volcanic phenomena.
  • Dinner + 1 night + breakfast + pocket lunch.
  • Excursion + Guide + cable car tickets + free rental of equipment (helmet, backpack, k-way, poles).



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200€per person
300€per person
Catania/Taormina area
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