Aeolian Island view
view of Sicily

Aeolian Islands helicopter tour

Flight over Vulcano and its crater, Stromboli and Aeolian Islands Helicopter. A unique experience in the world

Aeolian Islands helicopter tour


Departure from the certified aerodrome, flight over Montalbano and the Sanctuary of Tindari towards the Aeolian Islands.

The helicopter Aeolian Islands tour starts with the flight over Vulcano and its crater, then Lipari to discover the “faraglioni” and pumice quarries, the view of Salina and Pollara Bay, Panarea, Basiluzzo and finally the show of Stromboli with the "Sciara del Fuoco" and Strombolicchio.

With the helicopter tour over Aeolian Islands you will discover the morphology of the volcanic edifice, the different eruptive mouths that characterized its evolution and the different eruptive units generated.

You will see the emissions of gas, fumaroles and sulphate. You will understand the aspects related to the subduction process that have generated the creation of the archipelago such as the position and the migration of eruptive activity to South East.

On request the following services are available: transfer by car with driver, multilingual guide.


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