Tasting of typical Sicilian pistachio dishes

Discover our typical product in an unforgettable landscape

Guided tour in Sicily, home of a vibrant culinary tradition that mixes delicious local products with cooking styles drawn from its many foreign dominations, from the Byzantines to the Arabs, and from the Normans to the Spanish.

Join us to discover Etna and its best products during this food tour: enjoy a first practical experience in a Sicilian kitchen and learn every secret behind each delicious bite! The gastronomic Etna tour takes place on the western slope of Etna, around Bronte, pistachio village in the province of Catania.

The western slope is called the region of "green gold", ie the pistachios of Etna. This tour starts early in the morning with our English-speaking guide, for a full-day-experience of Etna and its best natural wonders.


Etna and Pistachio circuit highlights

  • Private tour
  • Walking tour of the Simeto River Gorge and the Saracen Bridge
  • The visit to a pistachio camp
  • Visit to a pistachio processing laboratory
  • Lunch in an agritourism where you will prepare your meal
  • Descent into a lava tunnel of Etna volcano with helmets and torches


When to book, how long before? We do not do mass tourism. So to make sure you have room, it's best to book quickly.


There are 2 options for the visit of Etna and pistachio tasting

  • Reach our meeting point in Giarre at 07:30 am with your own vehicle (there is a free public parking) and then ride in our luxury vehicle (Mercedes GL or V-Class Extra Long) with dedicated driver. We offer breakfast. You will have breakfast like real Sicilians, in the best local pastry shop. Here we provide free equipment for hiking. Return around 4 pm
  • Pick-up/drop-off at your hotel (Catania-Taormina areas) in luxury vehicles (Mercedes GL or V-Class Extra Long) with dedicated driver. Breakfast is always offered. The necessary trekking equipment is included. Return around 4:30 pm

Estimated planning

  • Departure from the base of the Etna volcano to reach the town of Bronte, the village of Pistachio, on the western slope for the guided tour
  • Breakfast
  • View of the crater from 1669
  • Hike in the gorges of the Simeto river and on the Saracen bridge
  • Visit to a pistachio camp
  • Observation of a pistachio processing laboratory
  • Realization of Sicilian gastronomic specialties in an agritourism
  • Lunch prepared by yourself
  • Visit of a lava tunnel


Gastronomic Sicily Tour, schedule

Our journey begins near the crater of 1669 on Mount Etna’s southern flank. As we travel through the ever-changing landscapes of Western Etna, we will discover how these fertile lands made Sicily a true cornucopia of delights, providing all the ingredients for a magnificent trip through a cultural and gastronomic discovery.

The tour starts with a stop at the basaltic gorges of Simeto, the river that has set the volcanic boundary of Mount Etna, with its beautiful landscapes, colours and contrasts made even more beautiful by the old Saracen Bridge built around the IX century.

The Simeto river is the biggest Sicilian watercourse with waterfalls, rapids, little lakes and gorges that the river has created as it runs between the basaltic lava and the sedimentary calcareous soil.

After that, we will move on towards Bronte to visit a pistachio factory. The western side of Mount Etna is home of the “green gold of Sicily”, so why not taking the great chance to explore where the finest Pistachio grows and visit the real producer who transforms this tasteful product on a wide variety of fine specialities?

After visiting the pistachio factory, we will head to a special farmhouse where you will be followed by a regional chef through a private cooking class of our gastronomic specialties, taking part of the process of making tasteful Sicilian dishes, of course, Pistachio's themed.

Lunch will include your self-made dishes, and other chosen by our chef. Appetisers, first course and dessert, coffee, water and Sicilian best wines are included.


Mount Etna visit

After lunch we will head-up to Mount Etna with our luxury vehicle (Mercedes GL or V-Class Extra Long 2019) with dedicated driver through a fun off-road route, spending the afternoon walking on Mt. Etna with an expert guide.

To give the proper end to this amazing day, we will visit one of the most interesting lava tube, a caving experience in one of the largest lava tube of Mount Etna.

As this Sicily food tour relies on seasonal products, the itinerary may slightly change to take advantage of the best culinary delights on offer. We are certain that any food and wine lover will be in raptures over this cultural and gastronomic feast.

Our excursion starts early in the morning to allow you to fully appreciate the beauty and majesty of the volcano. The routes are carefully chosen and away from the tourist crowd. This tour takes place on the western slope of the Etna volcano in Sicily to discover the "Green Gold" of Bronte and local specialties.

A passionate chef will follow you throughout regional specialties and cultural wonders of this unique island of the Mediterranean Sea, enriched by Greek temples, medieval towns, sulphurous craters and fertile vineyards.


Information for the Etna & Pistachio tour

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Walking distance: 1-2 km
  • Maximum altitude: 1373 mt
  • Visit to a lava tunnel

Intraleo Etna West lava tunnel

  • Length: overall expansion around 120 meters
  • Duration of visit: approximately 40 minutes
  • Difficulty: easy


Equipment Gastronomic Sicily trip

  • Hiking shoes (free loan on request in advance) or sneakers
  • Windproof waterproof jacket
  • Sunglasses

Pick-up / drop-off for Gastronomic Sicily trip

  • At your hotel between Catania and Taormina (thank you for giving me the exact address of the pick-up) with our luxury vehicle (Mercedes GL or V-Class Extra Long 2019) and dedicated driver. Return around 4:30 pm
  • 07h30 am in Giarre highway exit, from Etna Fuel gas station You arrive with your own vehicle, park it in the car park (there is free public parking) and get in our luxury vehicle (Mercedes GL or V-Class Extra Long) with dedicated driver. To reach the gas station: take the motorway Catania - Messina, motorway exit GIARRE. Pass the toll, at the roundabout take the first exit on the right. After 300 mt on the right side you find the gas station.
  • Other pick-up places.

Conditions of sale

The weather and geodynamic conditions of Etna will be updated 48/24 hours before the excursion. If weather conditions are unfavorable the excursion will be postponed to another available day or refund. You can cancel and be refund free of charge up to 1 month before the excursion.

For safety reasons, the guide may decide to modify the route, kilometers traveled, walking time and the maximum altitude reached. The guide will assess the sport level and the equipment of each participant. People who will not be considered fit and well equipped (as indicated on the dedicated page of the Etna3340 site corresponding to the chosen excursion) will not be allowed to participate in the excursion (without possibility of refund).

Our team is at your disposal and accompanies you to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

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