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Things to do in Sicily? Where to eat? What outdoor activities to plan for your trip?

On this section we give updates about all events taking place in Sicily. This should help you planning your next vacation in Sicily, providing the best activities, attractions and events on Sicily's island.

Use the information provided to arrange any number of fantastic day trips in Sicily. Start with your companions a great journey and began “tasting” Sicily one bite at time.

A Sicilian holiday with the children will be fun, especially if you're renting a villa or an excursion to Mount Etna, this is an enjoyable family adventure, and access is easy.

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Coronavirus emergency: can you hike?

A few days ago, the Italian Prime Minister issued a new decree (published in the official newspaper) which extends to all Italy the provisions and limitations previously applicable to Lombardy and the other provinces called "red zone".
Etna Marathon 0-3000

The Etna Marathon 0-3000

The Etna Super Marathon, from zero to three thousand meters, will take place on June 8, 2019. Etna Trail Asd, with the support of Etna3340, organizes for the 5th consecutive year the Etna Super Marathon from 0 to 3000 meters altitude.
Vin sicilienne

Etna wine festival 2017 "Contrade Dell'Etna"

The event conceived and organized by Andrea Franchetti on its tenth edition, brings together all the Etna's wine producers, scheduled for next April 3, 2017. This event, which has become a must for journalists and fans, will be held at the Castello Romeo at Randazzo. 
Festival en Sicile

Medieval festivals Motta Sant'Anastasia

For a whole week (12 > 20.08), the town of Motta Sant'Anastasia (CT) is transformed to revive the atmosphere of the past. You will meet in the minstrels and the soldiers, to discover the charm of the street theater.
Etna running

Etna Running ASD

Etna3340 is pleased to be the sponsor of the Etna Running Sports Association. We want to bring together all the people who run and share the movement as passion and true way of life.