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Festival of peaches and pears - Maniace


XXIV Festival of peaches and pears 4, 5 and 6 August 2017 in Maniace (CT). A major event takes place every year during the first week of August, giving visitors the opportunity to admire the beautiful landscape of this valley between the slopes of Mount Etna and the emerald green of the Nebrodi mountains. The Festival of Peaches and Pears was first established in Maniace in August 1994. During the days of the event you will have the opportunity to be in contact with nature, hiking through the majestic forests of oaks And beech trees, which make the weather cool and full of sounds, smells and colors. The Sagra (Festival), which usually takes place on the first weekend in August, aims ultimately to promote local products such as pears, peaches, vegetables, meats (including black pork sausages from the mountains Nebrodi) and local cheeses. The young age of the commune of Maniace is not comparable to the old natural heritage that surrounds it and highlights its unique character. The older ones remember the noble Nelson Bridport family during their long horseback rides, along the paths that lead to the Duchy Obelisk, on the Nebrodi mountain. Beautiful places, incomparable beauty and rich sources of water. At an altitude of 1553 meters, we find the "Source of the Doctor" enveloped by a popular legend according to which the therapeutic and beneficial properties are specific to this place. Maniace was a thriving urban center known at the time with the Arabic name "Ghiran Ad baquid". The current name is due to the victory of the Byzantine general "Giorgio Maniace", who beat the Arabs on the river "Saraceno". After various vicissitudes Maniace underwent a slow decline which led him to become a vacant land. Only in the second half of the 19th century, with the help of Bishop Nunzio Galati, farmers and stockbreeders from Tortorici looking for work, they turned to this place. A vast plain that took over the culture of the former stronghold of Nelson Bridport.







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