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Greek theatre festival in Syracuse


Greek Theatre Festival in Syracuse 2018


Every year during the spring and summer, a cycle of classical theatrical performances is organized by the National Institute of Ancient Drama "INDA" in the Greek Theatre of Syracuse which attract visitors of from all over the world. This 54th edition presents two tragedies "Oedipus at Colonus by Sophocles, Herakles by Euripides" and a comedy "The knights of Aristophanes", all united by a single theme "the reflection about the power".

The Greek theatre of Syracuse has reserved a place of honour for the music, contemporary artists as Roy Paci, Serena Granci and Alexandro Markeas are expected. This year special events are also organized: - "Conversations with Tiresia" written and represented by Andrea Camilleri on June 11th and July 18th - "Frogs of Aristophanes" on July 12th and 15th with the direction of Giorgio Barbiero Corsetti and the cast of Salvo Ficarra and Valentino Picone. For the greek theatre of Syracuse, 2018 is the birth of an international festival.

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