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You wish to visit Etna ? Nevertheless you want to know what is the ideal season to go there before booking ?

Etna3340 help you find the time of the year corresponding to your expectation in order to visit this jewel of Sicily. This article presents you how the most active volcano of Europe reveals its charm according to the seasons.

Lovers of snowy landscapes, but also ski, in search of a breathtaking destination and mysterious charms, holidays at the heart of the volcano of Etna in winter is the destination made for you.

Yes, you understood well: it is possible to ski in Sicily on a volcano !

Incredible, this unique experience is the ideal opportunity for the amateurs of winter sports, to discover the lunar landscape of Etna. Whether it is to tumble down tracks, hiking through beautiful zone, or to spend winter holidays next to a volcano this will be an adventure full of surprise !

Etna,is known for its violent eruption and trekking excursions. It also offers ideal conditions to practise the ski in winter. It is possible to tumble down sides the North and the South of Etna with ski, but also to practise cross-country skiing.

You can take advantage of more than three meters of snow in a stunning frame near the top of the mount Etna. The breath effect of the volcano helps to keep a temperature close to 10 degrees. The more you get close to the crater the more the weather report becomes whimsical, which sometimes hide the paths of the mountain. The earth seems to breathe there, by clearing of the fire and so create a surrealist atmosphere in contrast with the snow.

To ski over clouds, on a blank and fresh snow, with the crater of the boiling volcano behind the back, gets an unrivalled sensation: a mixture of adrenalin and total freedom.

Etna3340 organizes excursions during winter, to make you discover the mount under another day, in all his magnificence.


Discover Etna Territory

In the spring, you need a time for a short stay to discover new destinations and live new adventures. An Excursion on Etna is a complete adventure and immersive, ideal for Spring holidays, that combines at the same time holidays in the mountain, but also by the sea, the city, and especially, the nature. All this to spend the most beautiful day.

Visiting Etna, let you also discover the Natural reserve, with their forests, their historic paths, the wonderful landscapes, the products and typical culinary specialities, and the historical centers.The Park of the Volcano Etna is a fascinating place for the traveler who likes the nature and the hikes.

To visit the mount Etna during the spring allows you to discover a varied, surprising and rich landscape. Etna3340 organizes complete excursions up to the summit of the volcano. Our guides will also show you his park and their vineyards, which are the cradle of the wine of Etna.

This region of Italy abounds in gastronomic specialities, Etna is moreover recognized all over the world as the region of production of Bronte's pistachio nut.

We also organize excursions around Mount Etna in order to make you discover all the beauty of Sicily: visit Catania and its historic center, Taormina, its archaeological monuments and his amphitheater or an holiday by boat in Aeolian Island.

Take advantage of the sun and the Sicilian beaches to spend holidays between relaxation and adventure.

Visiting Etna in spring, in summer or in autumn, you will always take advantage of a magnificent landscape: volcanic craters in the sterile fields of lava, via wood and vineyards. Whatever is the period of the year when you decide to leave, Etna offers you one of the most beautiful panorama in Europe.


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