Things to do in Sicily? Where to eat? What outdoor activities to plan for your trip? On this section we give updates about all events taking place in Sicily. This should help you planning your next vacation in Sicily, providing the best activities, attractions and events on Sicily's island. Use the information provided to arrange any number of fantastic day trips in Sicily. Start with your companions a great journey and began “tasting” Sicily one bite at time. A Sicilian holiday with the children will be fun, especially if you're renting a villa or an excursion to Mount Etna, this is an enjoyable family adventure, and access is easy.

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We have decided to start an environmental endeavour that goes well beyond what we do recurrently. Climate change is an existential challenge for humanity and we believe that everyone has the responsibility to reduce and offset their own carbon footprint.

The festival of Sant'Agata

The festival of Sant'Agata   Is considered as the most popular festivity in Catania, from 3th to 5th of February, three days of cult, devotion, folklore and tradition. In St. Agatha's honour almost a million people swarm in the streets. 
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