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We have decided to start an environmental endeavour that goes well beyond what we do recurrently. Climate change is an existential challenge for humanity and we believe that everyone has the responsibility to reduce and offset their own carbon footprint. For this reason, we have decided to support a reforestation project on the island of Madagascar to offset our greenhouse gas emissions. Every tree will absorb 800 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere during its lifetime, which corresponds to the emissions generated by 1.600 kWh of energy consumption in the UK! Additionally, the restoration of the terrain to its original state of forest will help regenerate the biodiversity of the island, harshly affected by deforestation. This is a huge problem: already 90% of the original forests have been cut and the country is on the route to desertification. The reforestation project is lead by a social cooperative nearby the town of Ambalavao in the south of the island, where local villagers plant and take care of the trees. They will have a stream of revenues coming from the managing of the forest rather than from cutting it down. Our own little forest is planted, and it grows!




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