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Total lunar eclipse longer than the century

Total lunar eclipse longer than the century

Total lunar eclipse longer than the century: all you have to do to enjoy the show On July 27, we will be able to admire in the sky a truly extraordinary spectacle: the longest total lunar eclipse of...

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The summit hike of volcano Etna is an intense trek in an active volcanic environment, only adults over 18 years old can take part at this excursion, we do only small groups of max 8 participants. An...

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Excursion Etna 3000

Excursion Etna 3000

The most fascinating experience to discover volcano Etna, the hike to 3000 meters above sea level, right at the base of the main active craters in the summit of Etna. A whole day in contact with the...

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Mount Etna Trips, Excursions and Trekking.

Our excursions are led by official alpine / volcanologist guides, the only professionals authorized by the Italian law to lead groups on active volcanoes in Sicily

Visit Etna - Mount Etna Trips - Excursions in Sicily

Mount Etna trips - excursions in Sicily provided daily with passion and the desire to make you live an unforgettable travel experience, with its multiple aspects and unexpected sides. Visit Etna to discover beautiful landscapes, craters and lava flows on any of our Etna excursions ! Mount Etna trips , hiking the volcano on amazing trails, away from the crowds. Our agency will provide all the necessary tourist information and support you may need while our qualified and passionate guides will guide you on any excursions in Sicily you choose. Unforgettable travel experience discover life, history, functioning and sumptuous landscapes on any of our Volcano Etna excursions, combining the force of nature and the inspiring majesty of the Volcano. Visit Etna , hike to the summit or trekking through various trails, we will take you up for excursions in Sicily fulfilling all just around the island. We can tailor your excursions in Sicily according to your level of endurance and your interests to make this an unforgettable travel experience. 

Get the Mount Etna trips you prefer, an easy trek at 3000 meters, or a tonic hike to the very top of the volcano and discover the volcanic underworld with the descent in a lava tube. Our expertise will provide all Mount Etna tourist informations needed, you are a wine lover then try our Etna and Wine Excursion on a local Sicilian winery, savouring all specialities and an easy journey to visit Mount Etna, enjoying volcanic landscapes riche of fauna and local flora, or maybe you want experience a tour to the Mount Etna at sunset, with its magnificent colours at dusk. Etna excursions and hikes for all tastes, you will find the Mount Etna trips that best suit you! Let yourself be seized by the beauty of the sight in its perpetual movement. Daily Etna Excursions to feel the jolts of earth beneath your feet, shake by approaching lava flows and hot craters, with the reliance of being escort by a qualified volcanologist guide who perfectly master the eruptive environment and respecting the safety conditions in all circumstances. 

Our Volcano Etna excursions start early in the morning, small groups and a lot of fun, so that you can fully enjoy the extraordinary experience of visiting Mount Etna natural park. Mount Etna trips at the World Heritage Site (19,237 ha) comprises the most strictly protected and scientifically important area of Etna, and forms part of the "Parco dell’Etna" Regional Nature Park. Etna, locally called "Mongibello", is Europe's largest and most active volcano. Its frequent eruptions are often accompanied by large lava flows, but rarely pose danger to inhabited areas. Mount Etna excursions in one of the volcanoes with the longest historic records of eruptions, going back for more than 2000 years. 

Volcanoes are places of particular interest, either when they are inactive, with their rough and lunar landscape, and when they are in activity, with fiery scenarios that arouse, together, fear and curiosity. Etna stand-up more than others, for its size and for its almost incessant activity, visible from land and sea, and for its long history that crossed with the ancient Mediterranean civilisations. You dream about a hike, on the summit of the highest volcano of Europe ? Try a unique experience at the heart of Sicily. With this blog post we want to show you the typical and unique visit of the Mount Etna. Starting from the South Side until you get to a beautiful lunar landscape at the summit of the volcano, this is a real opportunity to discover the most beautiful natural excursion in south Italie. We will give you all informations to organise your trekking trip to the ascent of Etna.

A Typical Etna Excursion

You start your trip with our Volcanologist guide who will accompaigns throughout your excursions and will tell you the explosive and fascinante story of the famous volcano. You will travel aboard a Jeep to reach the cable car that will take you to the first plateau of Etna. Before your arrival, you walk on a ground made by volcanic sand and already feel the heat of volcano, the landscape is unique. Your guide then makes you cross the first volcanic path, in the heart of two wide craters of Etna. At the end of the morning, you will be able to lunch near the volcano. During the winter season, you will taste the Sicilian specialities in a restaurant situated to the base of the volcano. In summer, you can picnic outdoors, in front of an incredible panorama: the landscape darkened by the summit of the volcano on one side, and the Sicilian coast on the other.

In the afternoon, it's time to enter the heart of the volcano. The walk makes you go as closely as possible to the lava. The climb includes several stages through the most recent lava flow. Once arrived at 3000 meters of height, you have the opportunity to approach the summit crater of Etna. At this stage of the visit, the highest of the volcano required a really physical effort to climb to the Etna Summit. But you will be rewarded by a wonderful and exclusive panorama. It is time, then, to begin the descent. You cross paths made of black volcanic ash. The disorientation is absolute. Key moment of the hike: the descent inside a lava tube. You will have the sensation to be quite small, in front of this outstanding natural phenomenon. The visit is not the end, Sicily will give you so much more sensations.

Details of Etna excursion

The visit of Etna is like a sport event. The ascent is difficult and dangerous, because the volcanic area is always active. The visit last about 7 hours, intensive rhythm. This excursion is reserved to people without medical contraindications, and it is forbidden for people under 16. But there are different excursions less dangerous and physicals. These alternatives excursions trekking are accessible to all travelers who can benefit of Etna moonscapes without much efforts.

Which equipment is necessary to climb on Etna?

The sport equipment is necessary. It is important to plan the accessories of trekking adapted in the conditions of the visit. Etna3340 offers you all of equipment necessary for the ascent during your visit. At the highest point reachable during the visit, you will attend a height of about 3300 meters. It is fundamental to equip yourself with sun glasses. Because at this height, UV radiation is dangerous for your eyes. Also, think about equipping yourself with a scarf or anything else to protect you from volcanic smokes. It will be useful for you to cover your mouth, and avoid breathing these volcanic gases for too long. In conclusion, this experience will be unforgettable for all the people who want to try a unique adventure and cross their limits.


While Skimo has just been added to the PyeongChang Olympic Games, Mount Etna will host the prestigious European Championship, 6 years after the unforgettable experience of the World Championship in 2012. The magic atmosphere of our mountain Etna and the warm spirit of Sicilian hospitality have surely influenced the choice of ISMF (International Ski Mountaineering Federation) and Fisi Organisation. It will be 3 days of hard races, 22, 23 and 24.02.2018, men and women of all categories, Senior, Espoir, Junior and Cadet featuring all the disciplines, Sprint, Vertical and Individual. For the category cadet it will be also the first qualification race for the Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne 2020. This European Championship will be a great show, a very attractive sport event especially for young people who wants to be one to one to nature, in a manner that only skimo is capable of doing. It will be a unique opportunity for athletes and followers to race or cheer in that unique landscape where snow, sea and fire get together and form an indissoluble union.

We also provides visits of the Aeolian islands. The archipelago is located to the north of Sicily and is composed of seven islands: the largest of which Lipari, Salina and Vulcano; to the west, Filicudi and Alicudi; to the north-east, Panarea and Stromboli. Lipari is the largest island of the archipelago. It covers a total area of 37,6 square kilometres and it is 9,5 kilometres long. It is 42 sea miles away from Sicily. Its high and steep coast are bordered by rocks and caves. The highest peak of the island in Monte Chirica (602 mt) and it is a privileged point of observation for a fine view of the archipelago. As already mentioned, the archipelago has an obvious volcanic nature, witnesses the 12 volcanic systems, phenomena such as solfatara and thermal springs and the presente of obsidian and pumice stone, which are clearly of volcanic origin. Firstly the name of the island was really poetic: “Meligunis”, that is to say gentle slopes; then it was called “Lipara” from the name of its mythical king.

Antonio and Roberto, we are brothers from a little village on the slopes of Mount Etna, after a long stay abroad between France, Switzerland and England, we decided to come back in Sicily for the mutual love of our volcanic island. We would like to share our passion of this territory rich in contrasts and sports opportunities which is Sicily. Knowing very well our land, we love to practice hiking on Etna as many others sports in contact with nature "volcanic and marine". If you have any specific desire or special project that you'd like to achieve, we would be more than happy following you by organizing your journey in order to accomplish all your goals. Complying all European standards, we have vehicles equipped with licenses (car hire with driver). Prices include insurance and VAT. The excursion starts early in the morning, in a small group, to enjoy the volcano and its panoramas, away from the crowds. Your satisfaction is our greatest reward.

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