Discover the best mosaic city in Sicily. Close to Piazza Armerina, an old medieval baroque village in Sicily, the Roman Villa of Casale is decorated with 3.500 m2 of magnificent mosaics

Visit Casale Roman Villa and its famous mosaics

The itinerary includes a visit to the Roman Villa of Casale and Piazza Armerina. Our English-speaking tourist guide will accompany you for the visit. The Casale Roman Villa is one of the places to see during a trip to Sicily. Discover the rooms decorated with 3500 square meters of beautiful mosaics.



  • English-speaking tourist guide
  • Casale Roman Villa: house decorated with magnificent mosaics
  • Piazza Armerina: ancient medieval village in the Baroque style


Estimated planning

  • Meeting with the tour guide
  • Visit of the Villa Romana del Casale
  • Visit to Piazza Armerina Town tour


Visit Piazza Armerina and Villa Romana del Casale

Old medieval village of baroque style, it’s located on a hill at 700 meters above the sea level. Sicilian Baroque, an architectural style used for monuments, churches and old buildings, makes Piazza Armerina a splendid city of art to visit. The stone used, strong and difficult to work, guarantees a perfect conservation of the artistic heritage of the city. The visitor, strolling through the streets of the old town, has the feeling of reliving the ancient splendours completely immersed in an atmosphere of dense cultural charm.

Near Piazza Armerina you will find the remains of the Roman Villa of Casale, one of the most luxurious country houses dating to late Roman age. Indeed the Villa would have belonged to a representative of the Roman aristocracy. Its mosaics are considered among the most beautiful and the best preserved of their kind.

Since 1997 the Roman Villa of Casale is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Restoration on the mosaics and murals was completed in 2012. The Roman Villa of Casale has been called “Villa”, although it has the character of an imperial urban palace. It's located about 5 km from Piazza Armerina. The villa is divided into four zones.

This Villa is famous for the wonderful mosaic floors in practically every room. Mosaics of animals in laurel wreath circles decorate the great rectangular peristyle with its wide central fountain.  The mosaics represent different narrative styles, from the mythological scene to that of the daily life of the Roman aristocracy. The stylistic influence of African art is obvious. Which suggests the presence of an African workforce among workers.

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