On a trip to Sicily, come and see the Aeolian Islands and the Lighthouse of the Mediterranean Sea. Climb Stromboli with our volcanologist guide, with your family or with a small group of friends, to experience this experience in total exclusivity

Excursion Stromboli

Currently the summit is closed, the limit of excursions is 400 meters above sea level. Etna3340 exclusively offers Stromboli's private tour, with the guide only for you, from your accommodation in Stromboli.

If you want to make a group visit, much cheaper, there are other "first price" agencies offering this type of mass tourism, but we do not do it. Etna3340 does not do mass tourism. We do things well, otherwise we do not do them at all. If you want to book a group visit, it will not be with Etna3340.


Visit Stromboli and see the erupting volcano

Depending on your sporting level, the private guide, offers you several route options. On site is possible to rent equipment, such as hiking shoes and poles. The maximum altitude reached is 400 meters. To go back and forth, about 5 km of hiking, it takes about 4 hours (2 hours of climbing and 2 hours of descent). We recommend leaving at around 10:00 pm and returning around 03:00 am (tailorable hours).


Our excursion plan includes an easy hike of about 5 km, up to 400 meters of altitude, to see

  • The Sciara del Fuoco, a steep slope of lava, lapilli and incandescent slag, wich descends from the main crater of Stromboli (750 meters above sea level) to the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is limited to the sides by two cliffs.
  • The main crater of Stromboli in intermittent activity. With its explosions that project fragments of magma and gas jets to a height of about 200 meters. It's a spectacular show very given that in the case of Stromboli, there is an explosion  approximately every 10 to 20 minutes.
  • On request it is possible to organize a dinner/picnic on the volcano, in this case the supplement is 30€ per person.

How to get to Stromboli

  • From Catania CTA Airport (Vincenzo Bellini, Fontanarossa) the company Giuntabus offers bus connections to Milazzo, in connection with the hydrofoils of the Aeolian Islands
  • By bus: to reach the port of Milazzo: Siciliana Trasporti bus company (AST), SAIS Autolinee. Interbus, Giuntabus
  • By ferry: Navigazione Generale Italiana, Siremar
  • By hydrofoil: Liberty Lines, Siremar
  • By helicopter: the quote to reach Stromboli with our AS350 helicopter is available on request


Stromboli is an explosive volcano

The island of Stromboli is located south of the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the eastern arch of the Aeolian Islands archipelago, north coast of Sicily, between the island of Panarea and the Calabrian coast. In 2000 Unesco declared the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands World Heritage.

The volcanic building is 926 meters high. And a depth between 1300 and 2400 meters below sea level (two-thirds of the volcanic edifice is below sea level). Its inhabitants are distributed in the coastal villages of San Bartalo, San Vincenzo and Piscità and Ginostra.

Stromboli is one of the most active volcanoes in Europe, it is in almost permanent activity. Strombolian volcanoes, which derive their name from Stromboli's type of activity, have frequent and small eruptions of pyroclastic material.

Its eruptions occur at a regular frequency. This activity consists of intermittent explosions of average energy, lasting a few seconds, spaced 10 to 20 minutes apart. Eruptive activity is associated with almost continuous degassing of the crater zone.

Because of its intermittent eruptive activity, Stromboli is called the Lighthouse of the Mediterranean. By looking at it at a distance at night, the sailors saw an intermittent light useful for finding the direction of the orientation.

Since 1900 the artificial light of Strombolicchio lighthouse, took over the natural glow of the lava. Strombolicchio is a small rock north of Stromboli. The last major eruption was on January 14, 2013, the island had been evacuated.

Hiking to climb to Stromboli

Like all active volcanoes also Etna and Stromboli are always supervised and subject to restrictions as regards excursions. According to the alert state of the volcano, geodynamic and meteorological conditions, the authorized altitude limits, the access times and the permanence times on the volcano, can undergo important modifications and restrictions, independently of our will.

The easy excursion takes place in an active volcanic area, on a somewhat rugged course. To climb Stromboli you must be in perfect health and have no physical problems. This excursion is not suggested to pregnant women.


Information on the ascent, up to 400 meters of altitude, of Stromboli

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Total duration of the excursion: about 5 hours.
  • 2 hours to climb to 400 meters above sea level.
  • 2 hours to go down.
  • About 5 km in total, over 400 meters altitude elevation gain and loss.

The excursions to see the craters of Stromboli are organized daily from March to November. In summer it is possible to climb to Stromboli later in the night, see the activity when there are fewer tourists and get off at dawn (according to the restrictions of the moment). We recommend leaving at around 10:00 pm and returning around 03:00 am (customizable hours). Departure time varies depending on the season.


Equipment necessary for the ascent of Stromboli

  • Hiking shoes (rental possible on site)
  • Pants. Windproof rain jacket with hood
  • Bandana (to protect your face from dust)
  • Headlamp (with new batteries to illuminate the way back)
  • Backpack
  • Hiking poles (rental possible on site)
  • Helmet (provided by us if necessary)
  • To eat and drink (1 liter of water per person)

Pick up / drop off ​

  • At your accommodation in Sicily (a tailor-made quote will be offered)
  • At our meeting point in Stromboli.


  • In advance by CB
  • In advance by bank transfer


Conditions of sale

  • It is recommended to book the tour at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • You can cancel and be refunded free of charge up to 1 month before the tour.
  • In case of total closure of the excursions the amount paid will be fully reimbursed without charge.
  • The weather and geodynamic conditions will be updated 48/24 hours before the excursion.
  • If the weather conditions are unfavorable the excursion will be postponed to another available day or the amount paid will be fully reimbursed without charge.

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