Tour Etna - Caldera Crosswalk

Etna hike full of adrenalin with a fun downhill on volcanic ash

Discover a typical landscape of Etna Volcano - Valle del Bove


Tour Etna - caldera crosswalk : Itinerary of rare beauty that has as its scenery the wide caldera called "Valle del Bove", a vast depression bounded by steep walls with a roughly horseshoe shape and open on the eastern flank of the Etna massif.

Trip to Etna that starts early in the morning with a small group; Etna guided tours, with experienced qualified volcanologist guide, for a full day immersion on Mount Etna wonders.



Caldera crosswalk, schedule

We will reach the sky resort at the South side of Mount Etna, where you will be equipped with helmets and trekking poles. We will climb up to 2500 meters of altitude by taking the cablecar. From here the hike begins with a nice and gentle stroll up to the warm crater of the 2001 eruption at 2600 mt above the sea level.

The eruption of 2001 started with a strong strombolian activity at the summit craters, especially the southeastern crater had lava fountains reaching a height of over 1000 meters. Later, deep fractures opens, the first crater formed at an altitude of 2100 mt, just few hundred meters away from the ski resort, later followed by the second largest at 2600 mt.

Eruption that destroyed the cable car terminal and lava flow that stoped at four kilometres from Nicolosi. The eruption ended in August, the volume of lava and ash emitted was estimated in 60 million cubic meters.

Just after the visit of the crater we move to an overlooking spot over the large caldera, Valle del Bove. From a geological point of view it has always played a significant role in the understanding of the evolution history of Etna, as the exposure of the outcrops allows to observe the different volcano-stratigraphic series allowing to reconstruct in detail the succession of the Etna vulcanites of the last tens of thousands of years.

Now a long downhill on volcanic ash, about 900 meters drop, that will leads us to the bottom of the valley, we will cross the caldera walking over the lava field of the most impressive eruption of the last century "1991-93", place where we have planned to stop for a lunch break, then go back up along the "Canalone dei Faggi”. The tour ends with the exploration of a lava tube, one of the most interesting for length and shape, equipped with helmet and torch you will discover the "dark side" of this beautiful mountain.


Picnic lunch : if you have not been able to prearrange a picnic lunch, along the way we will make a stop in order to let you get some of the traditional Sicilian products, you will be followed by our guide, who will advise you on the various local products.

Mount Etna tours from Catania or Taormina area, that begins with convenient pickups at most hotels and resorts or to specifics easy meeting point where you will get on our 4x4 off-roads vehicles.

Tour Etna - caldera crosswalk is a medium level excursion, in an active volcanic environment, we do only small groups of max 12 participants. Etna guided tours, with experienced qualified Mountain Leaders that speaks perfectly more than one language.

Tours to Mount Etna that starts early in the morning allowing you to enjoy the beauty and majesty of Mount Etna, thanks to carefully chosen itineraries and especially away from crowds.


Tour Etna - Caldera Crosswalk Statistics


Etna Valle del Bove Trail

  • Distance : approximately 10 km - 6,2 mi
  • Ascent : 200 m
  • Descent : 1300 m
  • Time : about 5 hours
  • Difficulty : Moderate


Lava flow channel

  • Length : 20 m
  • Visit time : about 15 minute
  • Difficulty : easy


Essential Gear and Clothing

  • Hiking boots
  • Rucksack
  • Waterproof jacket (with hood) - all cars will be equipped of light raincoats jackets
  • Waterproof over trousers
  • Trekking poles - all cars will be equipped
  • General trekking trousers
  • Caving helmet - all cars will be equipped
  • Gloves or mitts
  • Spare layer e.g. fleece top
  • Food & Drink


Meeting point

  • At your hotel between Catane and Taormina - Please give us the full address and name of the Hotel/accommodation
  • 07h45 at Bar Très Joli, Via Aldo Moro, 39, 95029 Viagrande CT
  • More pick-up places: quote on demand
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