We can take you to a privileged point of view to see the activity of Etna when the volcano is erupting

Etna eruption, visit of the volcano with a guide

Would you like to see Etna erupting? Would you like to visit the volcano with the most important activity in Europe?


Observe the last eruption of Etna

The Etna volcano is currently erupting at the top, the central crater "Voragine" produces eruptive activity within it, with the emission of a small lava flow which is poured into the adjacent "Bocca Nuova" crater. The limit of excursions is 2900 meters above sea level.

Intense strombolian activity has been taking place at Etna since September 2020. The accumulation of slag has led to the formation of two new cones, like the one shown in the images. The shooting was done by Stefano Branca and Mauro Coltelli, during the surveillance activity, guaranteed by the Etneo Observatory.


Etna tour with guide

The exclusive itinerary offered allows you to discover hot areas of the volcano, far from the crowds, otherwise inaccessible without a volcanologist guide. Our visits are carried out by our English-speaking volcanological guides, from the Regional College of Alpine and Volcanological Guides of Sicily (Gruppo Guide Alpine Etna Sud).

The volcanologist guide is the only professional authorized by Italian law to lead groups on the active volcano. Unlike others, for the ascent of Etna we do not parasitize other groups (locally recurring attitude, which is not in our values).

You will have a real volcanologist guide, exclusively dedicated to your group (maximum 12 participants) away from the crowd of tourists who climb the volcano in groups of 20 to 30 people.



To hike you must be in perfect health, athletic and have no physical problems, the terrain is rough. Ascension is prohibited for asthmatics and people suffering from respiratory, heart and joint problems. The excursion takes place at high altitude, in an active volcanic area and at variable altitudes.

Equipment needed: high-top hiking boots (free loan on request in advance), high-top socks, hiking pants, fleece, gloves, warm waterproof windbreaker jacket, scarf / bandana, sunglasses, backpack, picnic and water.

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