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Etna, the summit by mountain bike

This excursion on the Etna volcano will be available from 2024. We provide the electric bike, helmet and trekking shoes to reach the summit craters.

Highlights of the ascent of Etna by electric bike:
  • Group of 4 to 9 people maximum.
  • Guided tour.
  • Ascent/descent of 1200 m in altitude, by electric mountain bike and on foot.
  • Excursion to the active craters of the summit at 3340 meters above sea level.
  • View of the Valle del Bove.
This tour includes
  • Distance: 15km. Positive and negative height difference: 1200 m + 200 m on foot. Difficulty: difficult.
  • You must have mountain biking and hiking experience. Maximum altitude: 3340 meters.

There are 3 options to go to the top of Etna:

  1. 200€ per person. Join us at La Cantoniera (Etna Sud) at 1900 meters above sea level (there is free public parking). Included: excursion + French-speaking guide + electric bike + free rental of equipment (helmet, rucksack, k-way, shoes).
  2. 300€ per person. Pick-up/Drop-off at your hotel (Catania/Taormina areas) in a luxury VTC vehicle (Mercedes GL or V-Class) with a dedicated driver. Minimum 2 adults. Included: excursion + French-speaking guide + electric bike + free rental of equipment (helmet, rucksack, k-way, shoes).
  3. "Locanda Milia" formula (on estimate). Dedicated to travelers looking for an experience of immersion in nature in the heart of a chestnut grove, enjoying the luxury of its facilities.
The recommended formula "Locanda Milia" (on estimate) includes:
  • Dinner + 1 night + breakfast + pocket lunch.
  • Included: excursion + French-speaking guide + electric bike + free rental of equipment (helmet, rucksack, k-way, shoes).
Videos of the excursion

The summit of the Etna volcano by electric bike

Our e-bike is not a bike that accelerates and climbs by itself, you have to pedal! Even the descent is tiring, given the very bumpy nature of the lava terrain. If you have no mountain biking experience, don't do it. Our guide will accompany you along the 15 km route (round trip), to reach the summit of Etna.


The ascent to the summit of Etna by mountain bike

Pedaling easily, thanks to our electric bikes, on a volcanic dirt road, you pass near recent craters up to about 3000 meters above sea level. At the base of Etna's summit you will leave your bikes and, in a few hundred meters and about 40 minutes' walk, you will reach the summit craters. The visit includes a tour of the 4 large active craters of the summit, following an itinerary suited to the meteorological and geodynamic conditions of the volcano.

You will go around the summit craters depending on the conditions of volcanic activity, weather and gas emissions. Lunch will be consumed in the summit area. You will descend from the summit on foot, until you find the bikes and then the descent will begin following a panoramic route to see the Valle del Bove. It is a large horseshoe-shaped depression, into which most of the lava flows produced in the summit area flow.

hen the descent continues to the starting point, at an altitude of 1900 meters. End of the excursion around 2.00 pm. The excursion takes place at high altitude, in an active volcanic area and at variable altitudes. This excursion is not suitable for pregnant women, heart patients, asthmatics and people with joint problems. To participate you must be in perfect physical condition, have experience with mountain biking and be used to hiking in difficult terrain at high altitudes. If it is not possible to reach the summit area, for meteorological or geodynamic reasons (eruptions, explosions, lava flows, volcanic alarms, etc.), the maximum authorized safety altitude will be reached.


Necessary equipment.

High trekking shoes (loan on advance request). High socks. Trekking pants, a fleece and a warm waterproof windproof jacket with hood. Scarf or bandana to cover the mouth and filter sulfuric gases and dust. Gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen. Picnic and water. Bike, helmet, trekking shoes (and guide) rental is included in the price.

Photos of the excursion
3340 M
15 KM
9am - 3pm
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