Mount Etna trips

Etna Trekking West : an exclusive trail, far from the main touristic areas, immersed in the Natural Park of Mount Etna. Etna tour taking place at the west side of the volcano, jeep excursions to Mount Etna and a good trek accessible to all. Trip to Etna that start early in the morning in a little group; Etna guided tours, with our English speaking guide, a full immersion on this magnificent visit of Mount Etna. 

Etna Trekking West - schedule

A trail that lead us up to the craters dated 1974, which it represents a more rare type of eruption compared to paroxysmal events and the typical lateral eruptions, distinguished by the largest amount (volume) of pyroclastic material compared to the lava flows; the two distinct phases of the eruption, separated of about 3 weeks rest, which have built two pyroclastic cones next to each other; the mineralogical and petrological characteristics of the emitted magma; frequent explosive activity at the summit craters during the two phases of the eruption. 

A superb trail deep on the natural reserve of Mount Etna, a caving experience visiting a lava tube, one of the most interesting due to it's network of different tunnels, followed by our experienced qualified leaders who will provide all caving equipment needed such as helmets and torches. Jeep excursion to Mount Etna, driving on a long off-road track, getting down toward the gorges of Simeto river, the biggest Sicilian watercourse; waterfalls, rapids, little lakes and gorges that the river has created as it runs between the basaltic lava and the sedimentary calcareous soil. In this wild environment, which produces a wonderful panoramic effect, we can end this Mount Etna excursion with a refreshing swim in the cool waters of the river, only between June and September, don't forget to bring your swimsuit with you, a towel, river shoes. 

A picnic lunch is planned on the top of the craters at this Etna tour, with a magnificent view over the Simeto valley and the summit of Mount Etna on the other side, perfect spot. If you have not been able to prearrange a picnic lunch, along the way we will make a stop in order to let you get some of the traditional Sicilian products, you will be followed by our guide, who will advise you on the various local products. 


Volcanoes are places of particular interest, either when they are inactive, with their rough and lunar landscape, and when they are in activity, with fiery scenarios that arouse, together, fear and curiosity. Etna stand-up more than others, for its size and for its almost incessant activity, visible from land and sea, and for its long history that crossed with the ancient Mediterranean civilisations. 

Mount Etna tours from Catania or Taormina area, that begins with convenient pickups at most hotels and resorts or to specifics easy meeting point where you will get on our 4x4 off-roads vehicles.

Etna Excursions, knowing that we do only small groups (max 15 pax); Etna guided tours, with experienced qualified Mountain Leaders that speaks perfectly more than one language. Tours to Mount Etna that starts early in the morning allowing you to enjoy the beauty and majesty of Mount Etna, thanks to carefully chosen itineraries and especially away from crowds.