A culinary tour of Sicily's best products and famous sites as Volcano Etna, experienced through an intimate gourmand way. Have a first practical experience in a Sicilian kitchen and learn every secret that goes into each delicious bite! A passionate chef will follow you throughout regional specialties and cultural wonders of this unique island of the Mediterranean sea, enriched by Greek temples, medieval towns, sulphurous craters and fertile vineyards.

Our tour begins near the crater of 1669 on Mount Etna southern flank.

The journey starts with the visit of the basaltic gorges of Simeto, the river that set the volcanic boundary of Mount Etna, beautiful landscapes, colors and contrasts prettify by the old Saracen Bridge build around the IX century. (Take your chance for a refreshing swim on the spare time expected)

The western side of Mount Etna is home of the “green gold of Sicily”... so why not taking the great chance to explore where the finest Pistachio grows and visit the real producer who transforms this tasteful product on a wide variety of fine specialities. After visiting the pistachio factory we heading to a special farmhouse where you will be followed by a regional chef through our gastronomic specialties and taking part of the process of making tasteful Sicilian dishes, of course, Pistachio's themed. 

The lunch will be composed with dishes made by your self as appetizers, first course and dessert, coffee, water and Scilian wine are included.

After lunch we head-up to Volcano Etna with our 4x4 vehicles by fun offroad routes, in order to visit a beautiful area by taking an easy trek deep inside the forest, where trees cling to oddly shape basalt formations but then old and recents lava flows sudden transforms the landscape on a black rocky desert. To put the right end at this amazing day we visiting one of the most interesting lava tube, one of the largest and most interesting due to it's network of different tunnels. You will be followed by an expert guide who will provide all caving equipment needed such as helmets and torches.