We pick you up at your accommodation and drive towards Mount Etna while you can sit back and relax enjoying the view over a superb landscape featuring several ancient crater cones that have created this volcanic shape, like the eruption of 1669 who sent lava down to Catania altering the aspect of Etna forever. 

If you have not been able to prearrange a picnic lunch, along the way we will make a stop in order to let you get some of the traditionals sicilian products, you will be followed by our guide, who will advise you on the various local products.

The trek begins on a beautiful trail through the natural parc of Mount Etna, deep inside the forest where trees cling to oddly shape basalt formations. The path winds upwards through majestic forests, along old and recents lava flows, before the final push up to the last hill where everything, all of a sudden becomes a black rocky desert, and we reach the craters formed following the eruption of 1974. Here we will have a tasty picnic stop, savoring some sicilian specialities before to move ahead for the next stop.

Lava tubes, nobody really knows how many caves there are on Etna, since it is certain that many of them have not been found yet. There are caves in all shapes and forms, and it is very easy to find spacious, small, dark, bright or long narrow caves. We want to show you one of the largest and most interesting due to it's network of different tunnels, all followed by an expert guide who will provide all caving equipment needed such as helmets and torches.

Then we drive on a cool off-road track, getting down toward the gorges of Simeto river, at the well known "bridge of the Saracens", place where river meets a prehistoric lava flow fashioning an impressive gorge out of basalt, right at the boundary of volcano Etna.  

We will return to civilization having been touched by nature's awesome power and creative force.