Climb Mount Etna Summit Hike

Etna Summit hike : a medium-experienced hikers trek in an active volcanic environment, Etna guided tours with qualified Mountain Leaders specialising in volcanoes ascents, entirely dedicated to you. Mount Etna tours from Catania or Taormina area, that begins with convenient pickups at most hotels and resorts or to specifics easy meeting point by our 4x4 off-roads vehicles. Etna summit hike start by the time we will reach the ski resort at the South side of Mount Etna, where then by the use of cablecar and 4×4 vehicles called “UNIMOG”, we will reach the 2900 mt of altitude. All long the way you will be able to admire the astonishing panorama over the 1892 eruption with its multiples volcanic cones and in the background, the beautiful mediterranean coast. 

The climb to the summit of Mt Etna begins here, it is an amazing trekking in a dangerous volcanic environment with uneven and rocky terrain (sturdy trekking shoes are available on demand and free of charge). An Alpine Volcanologist Guide will lead us up to the very summit, walk on the edge of the crater through huge fumaroles and sulfuric ground, learn about the history and legends of Mount Etna from a scientific and cultural perspective. The Etna summit tour continues with a fun downhill run on volcanic ash towards the cablecar, on the way down we will visit the hot craters of 2002 eruption and walk over the most recent lava flow of 2017. 

A picnic lunch is planned and will take place along the way, if you have not been able to prearrange a picnic lunch,  we will make a stop in order to let you get some of the traditional Sicilian products,  followed by our guide, who will advise you on the various local products. The tour ends with the exploration of a lava tube, one of the most interesting for length and shape, equipped with helmet and torch you will discover the "dark side" of this beautiful mountain. 


Volcanoes are places of particular interest, either when they are inactive, with their rough and lunar landscape, and when they are in activity, with fiery scenarios that arouse, together, fear and curiosity. Etna stand-up more than others, for its size and for its almost incessant activity, visible from land and sea, and for its long history that crossed with the ancient Mediterranean civilisations. 

Recommended equipment: trekking shoes, anti-wind and anti-rain jacket, hat, trekking poles, and in general consider the period (Summer/Winter) and dress appropriately. 

Warnings: excursion absolutely prohibited to asthmatics people and those with heart problems. Only adults over 16 years old can take part at this excursion, we do only small groups of max 12 participants. 

Visit Mount Etna in winter, all excursions may vary on timetable and schedule following the weather and snow covers conditions.