Climb Mount Etna

The most complete and intense trekking on volcano Etna, side to side trip across the summit, climb Mount Etna from the South trail and a long downhill on volcanic ash and lava flows to the North trail, having the satisfaction to have reached the summit of the highest active volcano in Europe at over 3300 meters above sea level. 

Trip to Etna that starts early in the morning with a small group; Etna guided tours, with our English speaking guide, for 8 hours of full immersion on Mount Etna! 

Climb Mount Etna, schedule : 

Uphill: 400m - Downhill: 1500m (variable values)

We will reach the sky resort at the South side of Mount Etna, where you will be equipped with helmets and trekking poles. We will climb up to 2500 meters of altitude by taking the cablecar. From here the hike begins throughout the lava flows of the 2002/03 eruption, leading to the two large craters that got formed with the deposits of volcanic scoria at an altitude of 2900 meters. 

During the eruption of 2002/03 occurred simultaneously many phenomena on the South and North side, such as the rapid propagation of eruptive fissures several kilometres long, the intense explosive activity with ash fall for many months and the creation of many spectacular pyroclastic cones, threatening lava flows in different flanks of the volcano, ground deformation and the volcanic movements that have induced a marked seismicity associated with numerous earthquakes particularly dangerous. From a scientific point of view it was a "perfect eruption". 

The trek keeps up through the most recent lava flows towards the summit of Mount Etna. There are 4 large craters at the summit of Etna. Depending of the incessant gas emission, the geodynamic conditions of the volcano and the weather, the guide will adapt the visit of the active craters ensuring your safety. 

It is always exciting to see the enormous eruptive vents and the great panorama of Sicily and the Mediterranean sea from the highest Mountain on the Island. After the visit of the summit area, walked on the edge of these wide craters, we begins the descent towards the north side walking on volcanic ash fields and lapilli, until "Piano delle Concazze", a large plateau with a unique look, to reach the Volcanic Observatory at 2800 mt, where a lunch break is scheduled. 

We continue the downhill trough a track leading to the northern ski resorts, Piano Provenzana. From where we will witness the long lava flow made by the eruption of 2002/03, finishing line of the excursion.


Picnic lunch : if you have not been able to prearrange a picnic lunch, along the way we will make a stop in order to let you get some of the traditional Sicilian products, you will be followed by our guide, who will advise you on the various local products. 

Mount Etna tours from Catania or Taormina area, that begins with convenient pickups at most hotels and resorts or to specifics easy meeting point where you will get on our 4x4 off-roads vehicles. 

Climb Mount Etna - this side to side trek is a challenging excursion in an active volcanic environment, Novice Walkers should not attempt, only adults over 16 years old can take part at this tour, we do only small groups of max 15 participants. Etna guided tours, with experienced qualified Mountain Leaders that speaks perfectly more than one language. 

Tours to Mount Etna that starts early in the morning allowing you to enjoy the beauty and majesty of Mount Etna, thanks to carefully chosen itineraries and especially away from crowds.