Visit Aeolian islands - Salina

Salina Covers a total area of 27 square km, it is 7 km long and 5,5 km large. With its 2310 inhabitants, it is the second island of the archipelago. Salina looks really green thanks to the Malvasia vineyards; its coast are high and steep. The island of Salina emerges from a seabed over 1000 meters deep with a peculiar shape, from which derives its ancient Greek name of Didym, which means twin, conferred by the two dormant volcanoes, the highest volcanic cones of the Aeolian Islands, Monte Fossa delle Felci (961m) and Monte dei Porri (860m). 

Salina is one of the oldest of the Aeolian islands, among the first to emerge from the sea thanks to the eruptions of at least six volcanic centers, partly overlapping. Surface eruptions began about 430.000 years ago, during an ice age, while sea level was lower than the interglacial phases that followed and today’s. The most recent eruptive center on the island of Salina opened in the Pollara area that was active between 30.000 and 13.000 years ago. Since then, the wide crater was occupied by a lake and its bottom was filled with remodeled material and volcanic products from other areas. 

Where to stay in Salina

Hotels in Salina are simple and clean. Tourists are kindly welcomed and their stay in the island will certainly be agreeable. 

Hotel Residence Al Belvedere Salina - via santa lucia, 11, 98050 Leni ME

Hotel Santa Isabel - via Scalo, 12, 98050 Malfa ME

Hotel Ravesi - Via Roma, 66, 98050 Malfa - Salina Isole Eoile ME

Where to eat in Salina

The cuisine of Salina, at all levels, is based on fresh and genuine ingredients The best restaurants in the island are: 

Agriturismo Galletta - via Ruvoli 5, Leni

Da Alfredo - via Vittorio Alfieri 11, Lingua

Trattoria Cucinotta - Via Risorgimento 66, Santa Marina Salina

L'Oasi Snack-Bar - Via Chiesa, Pollara

Maracaibo - Via Punta 1, Malfa

The night in Salina

Night life in Salina follows different rhythms than Lipari, usually people meet at the bar, a very good one is the pasticceria Matarazzo in Santa Marina, to sip the delicious Malvasia or to taste almond pastries and cannoli. 

La vela - via risorgimento 139, Santa Marina Salina

La Cambusa Relax - via lungomare, Santa Marina Salina

Trails in Salina

For lovers of excursions, there are many trails in Salina, for all levels, here some examples: 

Santa Marina Salina: Round trip - Technical difficulty: Moderate - Time: 5 hours 48 minutes 

Salina trail of the two peak: Technical difficulty: Difficult - Time: 5 hours 34 minutes 

Animal lovers will admire the wonderful show of blue herons that, going towards Africa, stop near the salted lake of Punta Lingua. The latter, once a useful salt-pan, is now a real pond separated from the sea by a little strip of land. 

On board 

One of the most suggestive areas of the island is Polara, with its rocks and caves, creeks hidden by the steep slopes are also a marvellous view. Multicoloured gradations tone down from the blue of the sea, to the emerald green of the flora and the warm tones of the sun. 

What to buy in Salina

Capers, olives, little onions, tomatoes in olive oil and the exquisite Malvasia are among the most popular souvenirs of Salina.


How to visit the Aeolian islands:

Siremar - SNS , ferries, connects the islands with Milazzo every day and all year round

LIBERTYlines , hydrofoils every day from Milazzo and Messina

Sicily Sailing Tour , a whole week vacation on sailboat in the Aeolian islands.

Map of Salina