Villa Dorata Etna

Absolutely charming and very close to the main crater of Mt. Etna, the Villa Dorata Hotel is in an old princely residence, now completely renovated. Its décor is in a delightful period style and some of its period furniture belong to the original villa. With its wonderful surroundings, its elegant style and its nine rooms, equipped with every comfort, Villa Dorata is a very intimate and lovely boutique hotel that will make your stay unique and unforgettable.

Villa Dorata was designed and built in the early nineteen hundreds by Duke Giovan Battista Paternò Castello di Roccaromana. Now completely restructured and decorated with antique furniture (some of which was part of the villa’s original decor) that has been harmoniously arranged; the villa has nine charmingly refined double bedrooms equipped for every comfort, a function room, a restaurant that serves Sicilian delicacies, and a bar.

The Villa Dorata Hotel is located in an evocative land of myth and nature, at an altitude of 1760 meters asl, just 500 m away from the Astronomical Observatory, and approximately 1 and a half km from Mount Etna’s main crater. Its guests can enjoy the privilege of a unique experience of body-mind relaxation, as well as a number of cultural and outdoors activities. Villa Dorata looks out onto sprawling vistas that span, to the SSW, the plain of Catania and Augusta, and SSE, the Enna province, backed by the endless Ionian Sea. The beautiful scenery is even lovelier at night, when adorned by an infinite sea of twinkling lights.

Aside from enjoying the prestigious and comfortable facilities, guests will be immersed in an unparalleled historic-mythological environment. Etna was symbolically depicted in a sketch by Goethe for Faust. In the German poet’s own words, the whole area represents the place “where Good and Evil are inextricably bound”. Following this allegory, we can interpret Good as the sprawling vistas of prairies and colorful flora, while Evil is easily represented by the thousand-year-old lava formations, which, frozen in various horrid forms, have penetrated the surrounding fields, trees and brush, as a constant and tragic reminder of devastations both ancient and recent. The volcano is shrouded in mythology. Its stories have been expanded upon by people like Pindar, Aeschylus, Virgil and especially Homer, who elevated it to immortality thanks to legendary figures such as Polyphemus and Ulysses. Guests who want to lose themselves amongst the enchantments and beauty of this land will be treated to a holiday rich in history and mythology, complemented by the delicious delicacies of traditional gastronomy and the benefit of modern comforts.


Just a little further than 1 Km from the main crater of Etna, in a scenario that never ceases to amaze, Villa Dorata offers its fine restaurant. The elegant and refined room is furnished with elegance and originality; its colors, the fabrics, the preciousness of details give it a unique and unmistakable personality. The attention to detail also characterizes the cuisine, which is rich in Mediterranean flavors, and it expertly combines traditional Sicilian dishes with the colors and spices of the furthest seas, interpreted with creativity, taste and aesthetic sense. 


Our cuisine comes from a deep love and respect for quality catering and conviviality and it rediscovers original flavors of the past. Flavors and scents of the Sicilian tradition will seduce even the most demanding tastes. We have a large wine cellar with a predominance of wines from our land and of the most renowned national brands. For functions and group bookings, please write to