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Organic farmhouse in Sicily

The Bagolaro farmhouse is immersed in the slopes of volcano Etna. This organic farm, countryside of Sicily, is close to the main tourist sites of the region as Taormina, Naxos, Catania, Linguaglossa... The sea and the beaches are at only 10 km away, Piano Provenzana 25 km and Rifugio Sapienza 37 km. The farm offers all the comfort of "green tourism", for an unforgettable holiday.

Bagolaro' farm provide an original way of spending your holiday in Italy in close contact with nature, a place where you can dream and cultivate ideas.

Organic farmhouse holiday at Bagolaro

Tourism in the organic farm Bagolaro

The Bagolaro farm is very committed to responsible tourism and offers eco-stays in sustainable accommodation, meeting the demand of true green tourism. The natural materials and green building solutions make them comfortable and welcoming homes. You can visit the farm, get to know the owners, taste their products and enjoy the calm rhythms of life in the countryside.

The organic farm Bagolaro offers a tourism offer or that aims to reduce its ecological footprint. Bagolaro preserves, sustainably respects and enhances natural resources and rural heritage in the territory of Etna. You will find a simple, pleasant and a genuine sustainable tourism, in the pure Sicilian tradition.

Wine of the Malandrino Winery

Bagolaro natural wine project

Winemakers: Diego Franco. Vineyard of 15.000 plants, 2.5 hectares of traditional plants, terrace cultivation south/south-east oriented of about 450 meters of altitude.


Wine of the Malandrino Winery

The grass grows spontaneously, the pasture is left wild with sheep from October to February. Fertilization is done every two years with a self-produced organic fertilizer, the spreading is manual. In the cellar there is a refurbished 19th century wine press, maceration from 10 to 18 days is done in vats of Opus Signinum. The aging is done in amphorae for 12 months. Bagolaro sells farm products, such as wines, olive oil, pomegranates and other fruits.

History Bagolaro, Etna volcano in Sicily

History of Bagolaro

In the early 20th century, the site Bagolaro was the residence of an important family from Riposto. But also one of the largest wine estates of Etna, with over 60 hectares of terraced vineyards built in lava stone that are now listed as UNESCO World Heritage. It rises on the slopes of Etna and develops 350 meters to 500 meters.

There is a wine press of about 350 square meters and several farms that once housed the families of resident workers. The site has been revived since 2005, when Cinzia and Diego took over the operation. The place has been abandoned for over 30 years, covered and almost magically protected by brambles. The passion and dedication shared between Cinzia and Diego, helped them finding the right way to promote Sicily environment and cultural heritage.

Cinzia and Diego recreate an ecosystem to which you can also participate during your holidays in Sicily. As Cinzia and Diego, you will also discover love for the Sicilian land. The first years served to discover the stories among the stones cut with talent of the wine press and between the terraces with walls of volcanic stones. Over time Cinzia and Diego become more and more aware of the greatness of the place they fell in love instinctively.

The realization that they have entered into a tacit cooperation agreement with the place that hosts them has fueled their dreams. It is for this reason that agricultural Bio Bagolaro company was founded in 2010. The creation of the organic farm was to them the best way to take care of the place that welcomed them. Cultivating and revitalizing the soil, they have regained ground with brambles and created new balances and synergies.

Year after year they increased biodiversity, selecting crops and varieties best suited to the location; exposure, altitude and temperature. Under the Bagolaro (Celtis australis, commonly known as the European nettle tree, Mediterranean hackberry, lote tree, or honeyberry) the big tree that protects the press, they have learned the merits and the difficulties of the natural and biological agriculture. Cinzia and Diego believe that this is the only way to produce healthy and authentic food.

Bagolaro house terrace in Sicily

The houses of Bagolaro

Staying in the Bagolaro houses is part of a story. A story about family, children running around in the fields and climb trees, women and men who create delicious dishes accompanied by a glass of wine with friends. The old houses are naturally cool in summer, thanks to the lava stone and the wise choices made during the renovation.

Natural materials and ecological building solutions make them very comfortable and cozy in winter. Airy, bright and panoramic, each house has its own style with attention to detail. In any season it is possible to stay in a relaxing environment, invaded by the scents and colors of the typical Sicilian countryside. Love for what Cinzia and Diego bring to life, they are committed to giving the best of the Sicilian farmer's welcome.

For more information, visit the following websites: Bagol'Area and La Cantina del Malandrino. Bagolaro Srl: via Presa, 20 Mascali Catane, Italie. info.bagolaro@gmail.com +393333050663

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