The most fascinating experience to discover volcano Etna, the hike to 3000 meters above sea level, right at the base of the main active craters in the summit of Etna. A whole day in contact with the volcanic nature of this alive mountain, we will come and collect you at your accommodation or at the meeting point and the journey begins, driving towards the south side of the volcano. If you have not been able to prearrange a picnic lunch, along the way we will make a stop in order to let you get some of the traditionals sicilian products, you will be followed by our guide, who will advise you on the various local products. Along the way up you will see the crater of 1669 and the lava flows of the last 50 years. The excursion continues with the climb up to 2500 meters of altitude by cable car. We will reach the 3000 meters, base of the summit craters, with a special 4x4 vehicle "UNIMOG". In this area, very close to the summit, is planned a group walk with a volcanologist guide by the still hot crater of 2002 eruption. From here you can see the current eruptive activity (if it continues) and the great caldera "Valle del Bove", theater of most of the recent eruptions and panorama over the Mediterranean sea. Once back at 2500 meters of altitude by 4x4 UNIMOG, the visit continues with a nice and easy hike (about 1 hour) climbing on the hot crater of 2001 eruption. Lunch, a picnic with typical products of the Sicilian tradition, will take place at the base of the hot crater of 2001 with a magnificent view over the caldera "Valle del Bove". After lunch we going back to our vehicle by cable car and the visit continue with the exploration of a lava tube, one of the most interesting for length and shape, equipped with helmet and torch you will discover the "dark side" of this beautiful mountain.