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Taormina is a rocky town high above the Ionian Sea, located on the eastern coast of Sicily. The high altitude given by its position offers a panoramic view of the underlying sea and the mainland, making the town an attraction for Italians and foreign tourists alike. When you visit Sicily, you will notice that vehicles are not allowed in Taormina’s city center. While it is a great idea to make the city center a pedestrian-only area, when visiting for the first time, you might find it awkward having to leave your car on a paid parking on the outskirts of the city. This is one of the things that makes the town one-of-a-kind in the 21st century. During the high season, it attracts a great flow of tourism that might have a strong impact on you.

The most significant images of Taormina are those of Mt. Etna’s volcanic eruption, the sea beneath the town and its historical buildings including the Greek Theater and Palazzo Corvaia. Summer is the best season to visit Sicily to get a magnificent view and feel of the town's features, including pristine beaches. The town's architecture made of buildings with balconies full of flowers are also a wonderful must-see! Other attractions in Taormina include the main shopping avenue, castles’ climbing, and walks into the nature.

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Historical Sites

The Greek Theater is the town’s most iconic landmark. It dates back to the 3BC during the reign of Hiero II of Syracuse. The semi-circular stepped-seating theater has an upper diameter of 109 meters and can accommodate over 5,000 people. The stage rises above to join the top row seats to create an enclosure. From the theater, you can have a breath-taking view of the countryside, including the famous Mount Etna.

You might also love to learn a little bit of history during your visit to Sicily by touring the Palazzo Corvaia. The 10th-century Saracen tower features a triple window with curved arches.

The front of the tower has twin windows with slender arches and columns while the left side has a large doorway which gives a beautiful view of the surrounding. The 1400s building hosted the Sicilian Parliament of Nobles in 1410. Moreover, the Sicilian Museum of Art and Folk Traditions, in which you might see craft-works from the 16th to the 20th century, can be founded right inside the palace.

Physical features

When planning to visit Sicily, be sure to include also to swing by the Alcantara Gorges. Located on Mt. Etna's north-eastern slopes, the Gorges are a natural lava rocks canyon, formed from several lava flows and shaped by the water of the Alcantara river. The main Gorge is over 25 meters in height and only 2 to 4 meters wide. If you are considering the idea of swimming in a river, this might be a very challenging and brave experience: the water is chillingly cold!

A visit to Sicily will not be complete without having swum at the Isola Bella (literally “beautiful island”). The tiny island is located at the bottom of the town. You will enjoy a walk into the nature on your way to this island, making you yearn to cool yourself on its waters.

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