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Mountain climbing in Italy is never a complete adventure without visiting Mount Etna in Sicily. Appreciated for its amazing landscape features when it’s inactive, the experience takes an extra excitement when it’s active, this mountain is a good destination for both family and team building vacations.

For some people, climbing mountains can be kind of a self-meditation experience, as nature itself has a positive calming influence on the visitors. The Etna3340 team will make sure that you are well-informed and equipped to take part and positively overcome the hike you will choose, as well as the quality of the team of guides that will follow you throughout the day. We are talking about a team of trained and certified mountain leaders coming from the official Regional College of Alpine guides, specialised on active volcanoes.

Features of Mount Etna

Etna volcano in Sicily is a combination of stratovolcano which are progressively built from lava flows and ashes’ deposits after every eruption. This is what makes it one of the most massive mountains in Italy, with a circumference of about 150 km at its base and a variable height estimated at around 3328 meters.

Mount Etna shows a total of four active craters at its top, with the most recent one, the South-est crater, being formed in 1978. Today is considered the most active volcano in Europe and also among the most active ones worldwide: Etna last eruption occurred in December 2018.

This volcano regularly makes minor eruptions along the year, giving more excitement to the lucky ones who have chosen Sicily as destination for their holiday. Volcanoes may turn a classic visit into a moment of pure magic, witnessing a live eruption.

The Nature Park of Etna covers about 59.000 hectares. It attract visitors from across the world as well as providing an important economic growth for local people. The park has a great variety of sceneries, from green areas at lower altitude, full of endemic plants and trees, to desert ones close to the summit, made of pyroclastic deposits. This is a unique place to be, especially when the volcano is active.



What is in store for visitors

Discovering Etna is very easy: the mountain is on the eastern side of the island, very close to Catania. You can get there by daily buses operating between Catania and Rifugio Sapienza (South flank). Otherwise, by private car or even hiring an helicopter with Etna3340 as part of your booked package.

At its foot, you will be welcomed by traditional accommodations, experience that will enrich your holiday by getting you closer to the community around. There are luxurious hotels and guest-houses available for booking plus entertainers such as musicians, dancers, artists, and photographers.

Visitors have a large range of options when planning on visiting Etna: lava caves to explore, challenging hike such as the Great Summit Crossing or the Caldera crosswalk, or more gentle walks such as the Hidden side of Etna through the west side trail.

Make sure you are well-equipped when it comes to climb Etna to its top. Depending on the season and the weather conditions, we always suggest to carry warmer clothes, as the summit easily gets windy and cloudy. Our team will advise you from the booking time to the day before the visit, allowing you to experience Etna at its best.

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There are a range of things to do in Sicily all year round. Festivals, food events to enjoy and a mild climate that provide an ideal backdrop, that makes Sicily tours available all year round. Mount Etna in winter is the ideal choice of an active tour with snowshoes!


Sicily has all the important elements for a great family holiday. If you are planning an outdoor activity, it is likely that volcano Etna is at the top of your "Bucket List". A trip to Mount Etna, may become one of the unforgettable highlights of your kid's childhood.

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The best time to visit Sicily is from May to June or September to October. Summer high temperatures will make hiking Mount Etna much harder than usual. Whatever season and excursion in Sicily you choose, Etna is an amazing natural wonder offering a great variety of emotions.

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