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Etna Trail, July 26th, 27th and 28th, 2019


On 26th, 27th and 28th of July 2019 the amateur sports association ETNA TRAIL ASD will held the Trail Running Competitions on volcano Etna in Sicily. After an experience of almost a decade, with the first edition going back on August 2010, a lot of people over the years was waiting for this unique incredible trail running competition, and now the Ultra Trail on the highest active volcano in Europe turned into reality! Moreover, Etna Trail, which is now part of the ITRA circuit, has obtained the accreditation of 4 points, allowing to all the Finisher of the competition to take part in the MONT BLANC ULTRA TRAIL.


Etna Trail is a must-do competitive sport event in Sicily

for all the sports lovers: this is its ninth edition, and it aims to promote our territory through sport.

The event consists of an Ultra Trail Running race over a distance of 94km, and trails of 52 km, 24km, 12km, and a 3km mini-trail for children. Furthermore, Etna won't be the only subject of the event: parallel activities will be offered to all enthusiastic nature lovers!

Running the Etna Trail means become one with the multifaceted nature of Etna: with 3330 meters of height, volcano Etna is the highest mountain in southern Italy and one of the most active volcanoes on the planet, as well as part of UNESCO's heritage. Running the Etna Trail in Sicily means breathing in the rhythm of a volcanic nature, able to adapt and change its appearance, according to the proper rules of a volcano. Athletes will face different types of soil, made also by lava that once was fluid and incandescent, and you will discover the crests of the ancient Valle del Bove, place of ancient eruptive centres and basin, welcoming recent lava flows.

Etna Trail, the competitions of July 26, 27 and 28, 2019

Running the Etna Trail means merging with the multifaceted nature of Etna

The long technical descents are made by incoherent materials resulting from volcanic explosions, and the paths will go all along the woods and finally lead to the unforgettable climb that will lead athletes near the summit of the highest active volcano in Europe. All this will result in a trail that goes deep inside where nature reigns supreme, and you will be able to feel all the excitement given by the pulsating energy of the volcano!

Furthermore, it's impossible to forget that the view that you will experience is magnificent, with the wonderful landscapes of the Ionian coast, from Catania to the beautiful Taormina, the Tyrrhenian coast with the Aeolian islands and the sight of the Calabria.

The start of the 94km Etna Trail is in Linguaglossa, a little village at 500 meters above sea level, north of the volcano. From the beginning of the race, you will start a slow climb towards the volcano and the athletes will appreciate the constant changes of the landscapes and the climate: they will run among the lush vineyards from which the famous DOC Etna wine is produced, through thick forests of oaks, birches and pines, until the moment where the landscape becomes lunar!

Mount Etna Trail

The different types of soil (that could be rocks, black lava, volcanic sand) make climbing more and more difficult, but the price for all this effort will be running along magnificent landscapes that will put the competitors face to face with the power of this volcano. All this astonishing beauty will give the strength to defeat all the pain. After all, we know it: no pain, no gain! Need more details about the route? You can find them here: Etna Trail 2019

For Etna Trail and the competitions of 26th, 27th and 28th of July 2019, Etna3340 is sponsor and official Etna Trail and Etna Super Marathon 0-3000 tour operator. With Etna Trail ASD, we also propose holiday packages in Sicily, experiences, and of course we have arranged also activities for athletes and chaperones. Don't miss the opportunity during your stay in Sicily to visit Sicily in all her beauty!

Etna3340 is sponsor and official tour operator of the Etna Trail and Etna Super Marathon 0-3000 competitions

With Etna Trail ASD, we offer holiday packages in Sicily composed of Hotel and Activities for athletes and their friends or families. During your stay don't miss the opportunity to visit Sicily and our volcanoes.


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The Etna Super Marathon, from zero to three thousand meters, will take place on June 8, 2019. Etna Trail Asd, with the support of Etna3340, organizes for the 5th consecutive year the Etna Super Marathon from 0 to 3000 meters altitude.


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